Axl Rose's Birthday Party Preparations
Axl Rose's Birthday Party Preparations
Axl Rose's Birthday Party Preparations. Happy Birthday Axl...Hope you have a BLAST...
Member reactions:
Freaking party. excellent job so smoky
Excellent work done, the skin tone of rose is very well matched to the environment. Nice effects using the smoke and Very funny Cake
Freaking job done the little cat at the table to cute Happy Birthday
Congratulations GOAT. One of your best, I think.
definatly my best so far Kempo....Thanks all for the awesome comments...Im wrapt..
a smokey winner chop indeed congrats Pete, great job.
Wonderful chop, but I wish Axl Rose were more recognizable. Congrats on the bronze, Goat.
Thanks Salah & Newsy....much appreciated...

Funny Preparation Ouch

Preparation Ouch
Member reactions:
Horrible... Definitely wouldn't use this ....
Ok,the Cow Slime must be the lubricant....Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww.

Funny High Jump Preparation

High Jump Preparation
Member reactions:
now that's what i call stretching and flexibility

Funny Spanish Cocktail Preparation

Spanish Cocktail Preparation
Member reactions:
Made me laugh. What a great use of the bull stabbing guy (matador, torreodor.)

Funny Mike Ditka Preparation H

Mike Ditka Preparation H

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