Prehistoric Lakers Fan
Prehistoric Lakers Fan
Prehistoric Lakers Fan. Member reactions:
Thanks Reggie, you too Hobbit. It's actually Trump's lower face.
Excellent, pro chopping DDog. Congrats on the Silver.
DD, The Colors really grabbed me in this one. Great job and congrats on the win.

Funny Prehistoric Pi with Dinosaur Bones

Prehistoric Pi with Dinosaur Bones
Member reactions:
Nice, should've flopped the back ground since there are conflicting shadows on the bones
DeadDog gets the Bone. Gold Congrats, D.D. Great Job.
Great job DD. Congrats on well deserved gold The edits are due to a Brain fart.
Congrats on the gold, DD. Truly impressive stuff.

Funny Barack Obama and a Girl in a Prehistoric Jungle

Barack Obama and a Girl in a Prehistoric Jungle

Funny Space Alien Prehistoric Giants

Space Alien Prehistoric Giants
If they come they will come for metals.
Member reactions:
Thanks folks. I was trying for a WWII rewritten motif.
Yes. Orange flavor please hehe. Hey, best laid plans of mice and all that...
For an old fossil you are certainly a Master.

Funny Fred Flinstone on a Prehistoric Harley

Fred Flinstone on a Prehistoric Harley
Feets don't fail me now...
Member reactions:
BRILLIANT..... Dirty up his foot and you'll have a 10.
Okay Tim. You owe me a 10. Pay up. (Just kidding).
oh man,, he stepped in something, if you wash that foot you'd have a 10.
Mindblowing Awesome. Well done hidden. Liked it very much.
Fantastic Fred. Take time to recreate all Flinstones caracters.
Perfect composition and great title... well suited to the motor company HD
Congrats on the gold Luna,This was an amazing jaw dropping chop
Couldn't miss hahahah Congrats on the gold. Nit easy to top the next fellow. Better frame this one
Fantastic work LunaC. Congrats on the win.
Choppin excellence. Congratz on the Gold, Lunacy
Thanks for all the "luv". It's especially rewarding to win one with the funkmeister lurking about.
Congrats LunaC. Very creative chop. Glad I made your victory feel special. You got my highest vote.
Congrats on the gold, Luna. Stunning work bringing the cartoon character to life. I know candles were not yet invented in the caveman era, but I really like the burning candle for the head light here.

Funny Prehistoric Forest in Cardigan Bay

Prehistoric Forest in Cardigan Bay
Prehistoric forest arises in Cardigan Bay after storms strip away sand
Member reactions:
I can imagine how those forests may look like.... good you have share this news
I love the way you think. You must have an interesting mind and perspective. Great chop

Funny Prehistoric Owl

Prehistoric Owl
Member reactions:
Bearded dragon owl,love all your reptile blends,very cool
Looks so real... can be believable if you put this in some Encyclopedia good one

Funny Prehistoric Caveman with an Elephant Slave

Prehistoric Caveman with an Elephant Slave
The Prehistoric Version Of THe Ringling Bros. Circus.
Member reactions:
Thank you geriatric I think you are a spectacular artist
Impressive stuff, andwhat. Congrats on the gold.
Thanks everyone,special shout out to crafty one,for the inspiration for this chop

Funny Prehistoric Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Prehistoric Lucky Strike Cigarettes
Member reactions:
Change the blue logo for red, both Lucky Strike and Jurassic Park Logo's are red. Find a more grungy pack... as if it was really was in situ. This one is far too pristine. Hope this helps, and by the way make to whole image much larger, say about 1300X 1900px, they always look better bigger. Hope this helps Wiz
ya, good suggestions Wiz, and it looks much better now. Smoking dino in the BG. Very clean work.
That is a huge improvement on the original one. Love the smokin' dino.
"Attaboy, that's starting to look great, now go check on some old ciggie print ads and see what they did with typefaces. Then see if you can improve yours. (by the way: This is not anyway a slight on what you have done, but just a way of improving it.) Have Fun Wiz
, now its very nice in red instead of blue, nice smoke and eye of Dragon, good luck
Very funny to see the diano smoking and the smoke coming out of her nose the Cigarette brand is awesome in its look
Fantastic idea Smoke idea with the dinosaur is really great thinking and very well executed
There is a font called Jurassic if that helps.

Funny Prehistoric Cyborg

Prehistoric Cyborg
Member reactions:
'DING.' It's a bell-ringer-good luck HIDDEN.
Nice work, reminds me of this Worth Winner
Congrats on the woody Funkman .. great to see you back ..
Just as i asked you to come back on Deviantart. Saw some amazing works there i had never seen before. Glad to see you here again.
Kellie was right:"Heeee's Baaaack." Congratulations.
Thanks guys and I see you're staying well informed kellie. yeah I re-used a few sources cause I was rushed for time in this chop.
Love what you did with the boy. Sort of a "Boy to Man" chop, and I like how you combined the the ancient and hi-tech stuff. Congrats on the wood, funkwood.
Congrats FW It did look like your elements you used with your style, as for informed well I try to keep up

Funny Prehistoric Animals

Prehistoric Animals
Photoshop what animal life was like before "The Great Dying" - any strange prehistoric animal and its habits.

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