Brad is pregnant
Brad is pregnant
Brad is pregnant. Member reactions:
Definitely one of the best chops in the contest. Perfectly blended
Congrats on the wood lucianomorelli Very nice.

Funny Woman Smoking and Drinking While Pregnant

Woman Smoking and Drinking While Pregnant
Member reactions:
Please contact Save the Children 1.202.640.6600 ......
Thanks guys - kind of a poor excuse for smoking...
Hehe yes it is. Great job. Congrats on the wood

Funny Book Cover Illustration with a Pregnant Shark

Book Cover Illustration with a Pregnant Shark
Member reactions:
funny thing shark embryos do cannibalize their siblings in the womb. Bull sharks do im unsure of great whites but if one species does odds are the others do also.
Thank you Renegade and SplatShot. Without giving too much of the story away the shark in the story is actually a tiger shark assimilated by a synthetic life form. It is off the chart intelligent and gone totally insane. Its mission is reproducing with a human. That is the three sentence synopsis I took a few artistic liberties.
I never thought of it... and hand of shark is the Best
Thank you Eric, Luciano, Balodiya and Sulli. It is one in a selection of several book cover concepts for the novel, Luciano. I will be posting a few more as I finish them and then the finals will be surveyed for the most popular on Facebook
Congratulations on the Silver Hitz. For some reason it never crossed my mind that this was yours. 100 percent Hitspinner though...Awesome.
The shark embryo is an evil gem here. Seriously, is it a real book cover made for a client or friend.
Thanks Newsey, Gummy and SplatShot. It may not be THE book cover, Newsey but one of three to be used as the digital cover for the E-Book version. Not sure what will happen for the hard cover yet or if I will even be the illustrator for that. I guess that will be a marketing judgment later on. Depends if my covers can sell books I illustrated a few album covers and they seemed to sell
As always, fantastic work, congrats on the win.

Funny Pregnant Cheerleaders

Pregnant Cheerleaders
Member reactions:
..must have been something slipped into their Gatorade....
yes, Must be the result of a victory party a few months ago.
Okay, I admit it. It was me and I'd do it again, given the same opportunity.
Doc da man
It was TT. That's why you don't see the wombat here (ha). w00t.
Now see Bob is trying to divert attention we all know how them fly-boys are.

Funny Jonah Hill as a Pregnant Woman

Jonah Hill as a Pregnant Woman
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I have a theory on this one. First off, technically it is killer. It really should have given the top chops a far better run for it. BUT... Pregnant, guard rail, not paying attention, (distant look) spells an uneasiness. This chop left me a bit disquieted which is very cool because anytime you can evoke an emotional response, you well did your job as an artist. But that might have worked against it in the scoring if people did not pick up on the subliminal message of it. just a theory

Funny Victor Yanukovich the Ukrainian Pregnant Nun

Victor Yanukovich the Ukrainian Pregnant Nun

Funny Pregnant Smoking Kate Moss

Pregnant Smoking Kate Moss
kate moss pregnant nova 40s
Member reactions:
She's living her life like "a candle in the wind" Quality work, except the spare two ciggies are a tag too small. Congrats on the wood, azul.

Funny Pregnant Mr. Mom Michael Keaton

Pregnant Mr. Mom Michael Keaton
Obamacare Makes Men Pay for Maternity Care
Member reactions:

Funny Jennifer Aniston Denies Being Pregnant

Jennifer Aniston Denies Being Pregnant
Jennifer Aniston shrugs off pregnancy rumors She says she has just put on a few pounds. However, it seems Mr. Clinton, Mr. Biden, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry want to take credit. But, as can be seen from her belly, someone else might be the guilty party.
Member reactions:
Rumors now proved real in this chop Truth cannot be hidden for long
Yikes... Rosemary's Indigestion Real nice efx, doc. Should have done better but it is the featured chop. And that's cool
EEUUUWWW. Looks like this bubble is going to burst.
i'm confused, this should've ranked better, great humor mr. P

Funny Halle Berry as Storm Pregnant

Halle Berry as Storm Pregnant
X Men: Pregnant Halle Berry Warns of Toned Down Storm
Member reactions:
"Holy Belly-Warmers, Batman." Cute she ain't but, nice work.
Awesome chop... great look of Halle and nice colorful illuminated effects behind

Funny If Men Got Pregnant

If Men Got Pregnant
How's this for Friday news - Oregon man Thomas Beatie is five months pregnant. As shocking as it may seem, the pregnancy is confirmed by doctors. The truth is that Thomas Beatie was born a woman, but had a gender reassignment operation, however he kept the female parts necessary for pregnancy. He said he made a decision to become pregnant when his wife became infertile due to medical complications. Here's a picture of him five months into pregnancy. Photoshop how life would be different if men got pregnant and gave birth. Some examples are: design contraceptive products for men, clothes and other products for pregnant men, show pregnant male celebrities and politicians, etc.

Funny Pamela Anderson pregnant

Pamela Anderson pregnant
If you saw Pamela Anderson's pictures from last week, you've gotta be wondering if she's pregnant or just has a beer belly. Well, I'm wondering too, because with all the beer she's drank on her three weddings with Kid Rock, even if she doesn't give birth to a baby in nine months, she'll give birth to a beer keg. And it'd better be a beer keg only, folks, because if she does have a baby in there too, the baby may go straight to Alcoholics Anonymous meeting right after his birth, and his first words will be: "I am Pamela Anderson's new baby and I am an alcoholic..." And what's the deal with her four three weddings and a funeral anyway? Obviously just one does not count as everybody was drunk and does not remember what happened anyway, so you gotta repeat the whole thing again and again until both Pam and Mr. Rock have at least some vague memories of the event. And when Pam realizes she's pregnant, she can't help but wonder whether the baby is from Kid Rock, because Pam is very fertile and can get pregnant merely by standing downwind from drunken weirdos who still consider her a beauty queen in well preserved condition. And well preserved she is, because with the amount of silicon injected into her, she'll soon receive a scientific award for being the first living mummified person on earth. Anyhow, let's get down to business and photoshop Pamela Andersen pregnant, because that was the original intent of posting this contest.

Funny Anna Nicole Smith Pregnant

Anna Nicole Smith Pregnant
Show the world Anna Nicole Smith pregnant - create her pregnant photos which will leave no room for doubt. Feel free to use Anna Nicole Smith pregnant pictures in adverts, magazine covers, product endorsements, etc.

Funny Pregnant Celebrities

Pregnant Celebrities
Photoshop images of pregnant celebrities and politicians.

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