Vladimit Putin Undergoing New Apple i-Pregnancy Test
Vladimit Putin Undergoing New Apple i-Pregnancy Test
Vladimit Putin Undergoing New Apple i-Pregnancy Test. You are unhappy and angry because you are pregnant, pregnant by bad ideas. New Apple product will help you diagnose and resolve your problem shortly or you will be scheduled by UN for surgery.
Member reactions:
Very Innovative and Putin is the first. patient to get his test done good work in designing the packet
I hope it's just a problem of indigestion.
Liiks like the UN will deliver his baby via a c-Section... or more exactly c-sanction.
Great job Wanderer.... Mucho eye candy. Congrats.
Congrats on Gold, Wanderer.. Hilarious work done

Funny Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test
Member reactions:
Good comic impact. The taunting smirk goes well with the "I'm-grossed-out" grip. Like: "I can't believe I'm holding this urine sample in a beer glass. How gross and disgusting." Very good technical job of putting the cap on so naturally. I would have awarded you first prize for a combination of humor, originality and execution.

Funny Michael Jackson Pregnancy

Michael Jackson Pregnancy
Member reactions:
Could be a small elephant sitting in his belly too
Gee, I hope what ever it is it'll die at birth. . Funny. You hould have taken the ... off, but that's good too.

Funny Absolut Pregnancy

Absolut Pregnancy
Member reactions:
not when you use Australian English. I'm from down under my friend.

Funny Human Egg Pregnancy

Human Egg Pregnancy

Funny Pregnancy Untrasound with da Vinci Baby

Pregnancy Untrasound with da Vinci Baby
Member reactions:
nice idea but i think the baby looks a bit bigger or it just showed in fullzoom.
monitor need to be more desaturated, now look like a tv

Funny EPT Pregnancy Test Advert by Frederic Leighton

EPT Pregnancy Test Advert by Frederic Leighton
Member reactions:
I like it. Her expression fits the message. Good job.
She looks hopeful I hope the tests come out fine.

Funny Britney Pregnancy

Britney Pregnancy
The Happy Couple. Britney's out of shape,not sleeping at night, crying all the time & Kevin's constantly shopping for diapers... It doesn't get any better than this.
Member reactions:
they're not happy couple.. kfed ruined brit's life.

Funny pregnancy

The new AOL dialup pregnancy. Sure, it takes five times longer to download, but you know when you've got a male. --View Full--
Member reactions:
That is a little scary... but very funny..

Funny Eat Nuts In Pregnancy

Eat Nuts In Pregnancy
Why you should eat nuts in pregnancy: Now doctors say it lowers risk of baby developing allergy

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