Preemiememe aka Kerri Matuzszak
Preemiememe aka Kerri Matuzszak
Preemiememe aka Kerri Matuzszak. She will be missed. My heart still aches
Member reactions:
So Beautiful, she seemed very sweet, God Love Her, RIP Kerri.
Beautiful Tribute Hits. Hope her children are well taken care of.
A wonderful tribute for Pree, and awesome source used to build it.
Such a nice tribute, suitable for framing. Silver Congrats Hits .
lovely tribute Hits. Another sad day in the chopping world. RIP
Congrats on a Beautiful Win, I was wondering about her TRIPLETS, she was a SPECIAL LADY.
Wonderful tribute Hits.congrats on the Silver.
Kerri Matuszak, New York RIP

Funny Preemiememe

 Kerri Matuszak RIP  Face Book page
Member reactions:
Very sad news
R.I.P. Pree. Wonderful Tribute for a Delightful Lady. Thanks, Hidden.
So sorry to lose her. Nice tribute. Thanks
Beautifully done tribute, Hidden. Pree was an awesome artist and would be proud of your tribute to her.
I second that RR. Pree was an "Artist Extraordinaire"
Very attractive tribute for Pree. Great composite, congrats on the Bronze HH.
So sad, she was a gem. So is this chop, congrats
So Beautiful,so Sad, Congrats on the win, you did a Lovely Job on the Pic.

Funny Preemiememe Throws A Party

Preemiememe Throws A Party
Left to right: Newsy, rwpike, pcrdds, preemiememe, Disasterman, salis
Member reactions:
Hahaha, we'll throw in our final and biggest jackpots too.
What a way to go
Left to Right. More like around & around-in circles. Great group picture.
Ha ha ha Where I am . Very funny to see all the big wigs were together at the time of distress.. Dman, Salis, Preemiememe were looking so funny and happy Newsy holds the Champagne and What is the Massage Lotion Doing there very funny and Too Hilarious Good to see everybody there again
I hate to spoil the party, however ... The shadows on the sheet display an opposite light source from the shadows you've placed on the various added objects. Just sayin' ...
Silver congrats too, Paul. part of the winnings go to the party expenses.
Thanks, young Mr. Salis (not really so young).

Funny Preemiememe's Secret Chicken Soup Recipe

Preemiememe's Secret Chicken Soup Recipe
Member reactions:
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,,, my main meal in my house..... hahaha,,,..
Killer Cook on the loose and I thought she was a Vegetarian. Clean & tastily-prepared HIDDEN.
Thanks, preemiememe. Thanks, dd. Thanks, geriatric.
Ha ha, very funny. Nicely done You might want to rethink the shadow running down the left side of the cook however.
Okay, mac...rethunked the shadow...wanted to give a somewhat dramatic flair but guess it was a tad overdone.
hahaha, good it.. pree cookin up a storm as usual... well done mate...
this is my computers background..
"DING" TOP marks for high chuckle factor.
This can't be Pree's kitchen, I don't see any bacon...
Thanks, Goat...thanks, preemiememe, thanks, RICKY...Thanks, geriatric...thanks, Disasterman.
I love the chicken with the HELP sign. Very funny and well done.
Thanks, rajeshstar...thanks, balodiya...thanks, JoanMcKay.
Thanks, PixJockey. (Old Fox....) Thanks, cns. Thanks, G-Man.
you nut.. congratulations.... * i do use socks and a clean baseball.. but never ever lard.
Thanks, pree. Could've sworn you used lard. Thanks, robinbobin. Thanks, JoaoN.
Congrats on the wood Paul . . . Nice work.

Funny Preemiememe Pop Art

Preemiememe Pop Art
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Nice, but I'd make the whole picture brighter

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