Predator Memorial
Predator Memorial
Predator Memorial. Member reactions:
There's more work to doing this than meets the eye. Well done.
Totally agree with LunaC, the color match is phenomenal and love the claw hand.

Funny Predator


Funny Flower Predator

Flower Predator

Funny Predator Cat

Predator Cat
Predator Cat

Funny Turkey Fish Predator of the Sea

Turkey Fish Predator of the Sea

Funny Predator Kid's Edition

Predator Kid's Edition
Member reactions:
Great job and congratulations on the bronze

Funny Predator Turkey in the Oven

Predator Turkey in the Oven
Tastes like chicken
Member reactions:
Excellent Very clean and neat job done Very interesting..
Fantastic blending - the predator is well DONE.
I would think this should place in top 4... oh well
Thanks all. It was a great competition. Some damn good work was entered

Funny Predator's Portal

Predator's Portal
The Predator's Portal Between Space and Time. Best View
Member reactions:
Thanks NewsMaster, Geri, and Gugulanul. Much Appreciate.
This is fantastic.... the transparent keyhole and Predator entry is really amazing
Thanks. Armatien, balo, Nanny, eric, Ariel, Geri, Paul, N-Master, HoHouse and to all the voting peeps.
I knew this would place, I just didn't know where. Great job, nice control on the transparency and congrats on making such a big pic out of so few sources. That is not easy to do. It takes a good eye in the source search. termite food for you today, well done splatshot
Thanks Hit-man, considering the very poor quality of the original source pic...I am super pleased with the result. I did use a number of layers modes, styles, gradient maps and a couple of basic filter tweaks in my own way to achieve this. Not quite as simple as it may appear. I learned a lot from this chop. Thanks Again Hit-Man...termites left untreated will eventually 'Bring The House Down'
hey splatshot, congrats on the win, cheers.

Funny Predator by Dali

Predator by Dali
Predator ~by Salvador Dali Full Size View
Member reactions:
Thanks Geri, UH-OH is right Thank you NewsMaster..... Eric Thanks.
Superb chop. One of the best chops of this Dali source I've ever seen.
. Thanks N-Master I knew the source picture had been used a million times....just figured it was my turn. The work was accomplished with layer styles, gradient maps, a couple of PS's basic filters tweaked just so.

Funny Underwater Predator and Prey

Underwater Predator and Prey

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