Stevie Wonder Gets Pranked On His 65th Birthday
Stevie Wonder Gets Pranked On His 65th Birthday
Stevie Wonder Gets Pranked On His 65th Birthday. Stevie Wonder turned 65 last week. He has a great sense of humor and once did this for "Saturday Night Live." Stevie's commercial
Member reactions:
He's blind, not stupid, hahaha. Cool beans
Congrats Doc Paul. If Stevie see's this you might be in big trouble. funny stuff.
Great job as always. I hand no idea Stevie was Jewish.
Watched the Stevie commercial, never saw it, funny.
Thanks, Elegary. Yes, Robb...I even went to his Bar Mitzvah. .

Funny Barack Obama's Prank for Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama's Prank for Hillary Clinton
Member reactions:
hahaha... a riot....
I like wat u did with orig source here, Hillary & O fit perfect in there
I think the image is brilliant, but not sure I agree with the addition of the Bill picture on the wall - it distracts the perception of the mail concept getting right in between Obama and Hillary. I would remove it
Congrats on the silver John, Brilliant...
Congrats johnx, i still laugh about it...
omg john ..ol i love this image soo much,, congrats...
Funny x 10, John. Love the power of simplicity in this. Has a lot of wham.

Funny Cartier Bresson pranks

Cartier Bresson  pranks
Member reactions:
Creative and era-appropriate use of a crowd scene. .
Where the slurping New Jersey did Superman go....
Oddly Magnificent A little grain would make all the Difference. Great entry anyways

Funny Bad Uncle Pranks

Bad Uncle Pranks
...Some kids are not so easily fooled.
Member reactions:
...intriguing. i like the gratuitous use of kitty cats.

Funny Andy Kaufman George W. Bush Prank

Andy Kaufman George W. Bush Prank

Funny Presidential Prank

Presidential Prank
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this presidential prank image any way you wish . Some examples are - making Obama perform other pranks or stunts, designing a poster with this presidential prank image, putting Obama and his prank into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Image credit: Pete Souza / United States Government Work.

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