Dog Powered Bicycle
Dog Powered Bicycle
Dog Powered Bicycle. Sometimes you just have to Improvise

Funny Give Up Smoking by Will Power

Give Up Smoking by Will Power
Well as an on and off smoker myself, I can truly say, that no patches, nor gum, pills or any quit smoking aid will work...lots of people think that by taking this meds they will quit..but you can't quit unless you are willing to quit...I've done it, but it takes determination to do it and to stick to it, and just your will power and your willing to do it will achieve results...
Member reactions:
MMMMM , well i gave it a try & thought i'd just have one more puff ...
Good chop on nic fit. My teeth. Where did you get my teeth. Give 'em back.
Great strategy, if you have the will you can achieve anything in the world

Funny Hippies in a Flower Power Van

Hippies in a Flower Power Van
Member reactions:
Like the way the Van is being colored Its looks like a tattoo van nice colorful treat with weed
Colorful as the psychedelic age deserves. Nice job, congrats
Well, in my point of view this job could be side by side on your 3rd place. Congrats by that nice job (again).

Funny Kofi Annan Power Ranger

Kofi Annan Power Ranger
so this is what really happens at the U.N. behind closed doors. Ban Ki "bear man " Moon needs to fight the evil Iranian president,but has to rely on his friend, Kofi Annan, to help him to vanquish the evil
Member reactions:
Fantastic effects, awesome photoshop friend
Its wonderful to see Kofi Annan again looks great with a smoke on his mouth.. nice lighting effects with all the UNO flags around were too amazing

Funny Einstein Using a Pi Power Washer

Einstein Using a Pi Power Washer
Member reactions:
Very funny, good creative idea and well done with shadows
Einstein looks a little flat, but unless you have the warp took it is very difficult indeed to make him 3D. Good work on the power washer and shadow. Nice clean work.

Funny Love or Power for the Clintons?

Love or Power for the Clintons?
Member reactions:
Hahaha, love how you used the old couple source.

Funny Power Drill Tooth Brush

Power Drill Tooth Brush

Funny Green Power Magazine

Green Power Magazine
"The Greenies will take over the World with his help." .
Member reactions:
Now that must be a "green living" Al Gore preached about

Funny Mystical PI Power by Moonlight

Mystical PI Power by Moonlight
Completed in 5 Hours By Using Photoshop CS 4 and Here are sources Brushes by Link Here If you want get the PI Power. You need to fight. Really Enjoyed while doing this. I hope you like it.
Member reactions:
Bloody beautiful. Love the colors and light/shadow work here.
Thank you very much newsy. . Now, I don't mind whether I got place or not. . I want some good appreciations from people like you.
Excellent work with lights and shadows, great idea. Good Luck.
tough competition in this contest. I wish this chop got a medal too.
No problem newsy. I am very much satisfied with the output. I never mind about the Places. I am just curious about critiques. I am very happy that i got a first comment from you.

Funny Barack Obama in Face My Power

Barack Obama in Face My Power
please view full
Member reactions:
Nice. Soon to be followed by the sequel "The Spirit of Survival. Election 2012"

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