Kangaroo Man in a Pouch
Kangaroo Man in a Pouch
Kangaroo Man in a Pouch. This buddy of mine went on a first date to a kangaroo farm and complained for days about how much the gas and lunch cost... to a kangaroo farm, they're like big lazy rats.
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A new evelotion in the making -- A Kangman Style

Funny Mature Kangaroo in Pouch

Mature Kangaroo in Pouch
Not Funny Skip The little roo was from morgue free files the rest was made from the source image
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., I remember that TV show Skippy from when I was little. (Skippy the Kangroo) Now, your entry reminds me of my son. Grow Up. Very Well well done and funny.
The pouch extended even to fit for the grown ups looks so real and her heart is so good that she is ready to carry his child till it grows up fully good one
A Baby for the mother will always remains a baby even after grown up
Funny Chop Nice manipulation.

Funny Baseball Kangaroo with Joe Torre in his Pouch

Baseball Kangaroo with Joe Torre in his Pouch
It always helps to have a good coach in your dugout.

Funny Angelina Jolie Kangaroo with her Babies in her Pouch

Angelina Jolie Kangaroo with her Babies in her Pouch
Need I say anymore. Thanks to my buddy Ben for the idea.
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Look for a larger, secondary, source image of a kangaroo so that you can clone larger segments of the fur and apply it the pouch area rather then rebuilding it in small strips. It will allow you to create a more seamless image than what you currently have. Try to blend in the fur a little bit more on her face so that you can remove the oval appearance and make her more animal-like. With regards to the children, if you obtain a single source image to work from then it will save time on adjusting shadows and contrast levels of each individual child. This is a good idea that you have but it just needs a bit more.
I know the execution isn't the greatest...I just thought the idea was funny. Not trying to make a run for the top with this one.
The idea is a great one. Don't sell yourself short though on your abilities. Afterall, you already have a win under your belt so the talent is there.
The idea is solid, but I suggest following c00per's critiques.
sorry, no time to fix this one...busy schedule. thanks for the critiques guys. Quick chop...just for laughs.

Funny Mr. Bean in a Kangaroo's Pouch

Mr. Bean in a Kangaroo's Pouch
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Adding some little hands would make Bean look less pasted on. Funny image tho.

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