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Funny Potter Pictures

Girl Riding with Harry Potter on hIs BroomFunny Girl Riding with Harry Potter on hIs Broom
Member reactions:
source story
Excellent work....Harry's girlfriend looks familiar
Yes...magnificent job...and this beautiful young girl (who of course I have no idea is) belongs in this beautiful chop.
This is Great. The Girls Hair looks Electric. Couple of random dark rectangle Easter Island Heads to the left of Harry's Head..
really crusader. i think i better check my monitor ty
It's very cool I thought the random easter island heads were dementors or something...but do see a large rectangle in the background that seems different in contrast to the rest of the pic. Looks awesome though
, , ... What a masterpiece here.
i hope i removed the marks. I have my brightness on the highest. ((
Your source story doesn't really explain this, but it's sort of understandable alone ... and good work..
icy i used this passage in the concept of the idea,,, here yago "The 21-year-old University of Michigan graduate planned to see the final “Harry Potter” movie at a midnight showing in the Ann Arbor area. She already had picked out her outfit, a Hogwarts-style uniform with the colors of the Ravensclaw and Hufflepuff houses that she got from the Salvation Army last summer. "
the kids dress to see the movie .. just a snippet from the article.
So the marks weren't dementors after all. . Very nice edit hidden...looks great
i had to brighten in exposure, look then cancel ,then repeat to see the spots.
Hey, I know that starlet. Great chop.
Beautiful and romantic, congrats on the bronze.
Congratulations P-E. Nice work. "OY. This chop wasn't painful to me."
Congrats preemiememe for this clean and beautiful job .
extraordinary bronze.... is fantastic

Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter CaricatureFunny Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter Caricature
Member reactions:

Daniel Radcliffe and 'Harry Potter' Stars, Then and Now
WHOA. Where's my Oxygen tank-I need a shot of 'O', stat.

Harry Potter as Charlie ChaplinFunny Harry Potter as Charlie Chaplin
Member reactions:

Great imagination and really good stuff, all the best
"You're a wizard, Charlie." This rawks. I like how even the owl has the bowler hat

The End of Harry Potter 2011Funny The End of Harry Potter 2011
Member reactions:

yes....finally... Bean's copping it this comp..

Harry Potter as Sherlock HolmesFunny Harry Potter as Sherlock Holmes
Member reactions:

Very well done.. You even captured Downey Jr's look..... bravo..
This is excellent blending, congrats on the woodie...
Congrats on the wood, BloodDiamond. Bloody good work.

Harry Potter vs TwilightFunny Harry Potter vs Twilight
Member reactions:

What you are a wizard and a vampire, what do you live for.

Harry Potter with Animals in BedFunny Harry Potter with Animals in Bed
Member reactions:

Funny.....Harry has his own petting zoo
Hey, thank you. Great image and love the warm and fuzzy feeling the critters give me

Harry Potter in WonderlandFunny Harry Potter in Wonderland
Member reactions:

Is the misspelling on purpose. I like the image.
I bet this makes Hermione jealous. (The title is in Russian somehow)

Harry Potter in Star WarsFunny Harry Potter in Star Wars
Member reactions:

Now before you ask, no I wasnt inspired by the recent week in pictures winner which crossed Potter with Star Wars, I was well into this piece before I happened to noticed it. Hardest part. Lighting and color casting. Please check it out in full view.
Ha. Characters all fit beautifully. Great idea.
Thanks. Funny I wasnt even thinking about that at the time but as I started doing the manip it was like..., this really works, .
Superb work on the Potter crew - the poster looks authentic. I wish the Potter crew took bigger part of the composition though. Great work nonetheless
Yeah I should have made them bigger, probably why this didnt score higher, people cant see the enormous amount of work I put into them. But I didnt want to obscure the work on Vader, to show that he was actually wearing Voldemort's robes and not his own costume. Oh well, live and learn.

Harry Potter in MegaMindFunny Harry Potter in MegaMind
Member reactions:

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Freaking awesome concept and very clean work.
Thanks guys It has been a LONG time since I chopped and I had a lot fun relearning everything... Anyway, I'm glad you like it...
Welcome back Hamid & Congratulations on the Gold.
congrats..that's my favourite deserved it
Thanks a lot guys It is really nice to be back
Congrats on the win, Hamid. You've got a mega-chopper-mind. Nice to see you on the throne again.
Welcome back par4tner, what a way to return. Congrads

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