Old Harry Potter
Old Harry Potter
Old Harry Potter. Some hard miles Sources
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If you have a steady hand, you can set your pencil point brush to 1. Then draw in the layers of various colors. That is how I used to do hair. But I am a bit shaky so I downloaded some various hair brushes from brusheezy.com. It isn't as fun nor do they give the same random effects you can get with drawing but they get the job done. But I also use various grass brushes for things like nose and arm hair, eyebrows... The brushes generally come with only one orientation so you have to dial around to different vectors on your brush controller in order to get nice randomness. It takes a while. I reckon the hair and beard on this one took 3-4 hours but I screwed it up in a cropping stage so had to redo some. Thanks for the comment. Hop that helps.
Thanks. You have eyes like a hawk. That is some artifact from resizing up and contrast. Fixed
I like your presumption and premature acknowledgment, Wanderer Time will tell
It is True the best pic. in the contest. Only 5 pictures, looks like all already enjoying a relaxing weekend. Have a nice one.
TY. I was expecting a lot of people entering this one. Very surprised at so few.
Nearly perfect chop. Complete it with a shadow under the fly.
TY 420, Las, Rocks, Err.. shadow is there Luciano, Suni, Eric
Congrats on the Winner Hits. Super Fab Work..
Congratulations. You are creating some awesome works as of late.
My goodness you do fantastic work, love it. Congrats on the win..
Many thanks Hobbit, Newsie, 420, Pat, Wanderer, Doc, Bob and Champ. Glad you all liked it
Honestly, I saw this and didn't bother to enter: I knew it should and hopefully would win. It's really amazing and now reading how much time you spent on the hair, I feel a great sense of relief that it DID win -- really, you honor us with work like this. Congrats on the gold.
Super thanks Sir Mandrake, ICY , you all honor me with your wonderful comments, Hi Christine, and Elegary. Sometimes I have the time to push them a little further.

Funny Harry Potter Class Reunion

Harry Potter Class Reunion
Harry Potter goes back to Hogwarts for his 50th Class Reunion
Member reactions:
If what is on his face is a tattoo, should be less evident. Good entry anyway.
Congratz on Woody, Wahphoto. Excellent Chopping.

Funny Harry Potter in the Nursing Home

Harry Potter in the Nursing Home
Member reactions:
Excellent. I would adjust Ruper Grint's face color to match the hand though
Congratz on Bronze Wanderer.. Great work on feet.
Thank you, Friends. Have a great weekend.
Great Job Wanderer. those feet... Hahahaha Congrats.

Funny Homer Simpson as Harry Potter

Homer Simpson as Harry Potter
Member reactions:
Freak Donut with head chopped running off life fear is ultra.... Magic sweep with paddle is really nice and fits here.
Hommer is trying something different... to get his dish

Funny Harry Potter Minimalist Movie Poster

Harry Potter Minimalist Movie Poster

Funny Harry Potter Riding a Smoking Cigarette

Harry Potter Riding a Smoking Cigarette
Member reactions:
Taking the last puff and the lighter away from the Habitable population

Funny Prince Harry as Hary Vegas the Naughty Harry Potter

Prince Harry as Hary Vegas the Naughty Harry Potter
Prince Harry Caught Partying ... in Las Vegas
Member reactions:
"No dad, stay away from my balls of fire" Excellent execution
Excellent representation of Harry with this movie poster... great to see the glasses on him and very well done in designing the poster
Great job on this, dog love the perspective

Funny Harry Potter Puts a Spell on Sirius Black

Harry Potter Puts a Spell on Sirius Black
Black from Harry Potter
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Great job, so clean and well done with the hand work both the big and small its perfect to its limitations nice
HEY........Stop messin with Oldman. Nice work.

Funny Davy Jones in Harry Potter

Davy Jones in Harry Potter
Last Train to Clarksville. RIP Davy you will be much missed
Member reactions:
Excellent touches over the face and good job of choosing this background and nice work over the train and smoke all over
a lovely, ORIGINAL, idea. Very well done.

Funny Hugo Potter

Hugo Potter
Member reactions:
Nice mearge , so clean and flawless job done here Great ...
Great image, I love it, thought it would win.

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