Mona Lisa Potrait in Winter
Mona Lisa Potrait in Winter
Mona Lisa Potrait in Winter. Member reactions:
Another good version of one of the most used subjects.
One of my favorites in the contest. Totally love how you redid the background

Funny Barack Obama Self Potrait

Barack Obama Self Potrait
Self portraits have become a global phenomenon
Member reactions:
As if he wasn't bad enough as it was now he is turning into a "Creepy Azz Cracker"
Excellent representation of the news link and Self portrait are becoming a new trend in the world and here Obama is starting it awesome job done
Congrads on the Woody, out of the box.
Great treatment/conversion. Wood for your effort
Congrats on the wood, Luna. Very artistic chop.

Funny Spider Potrait

Spider Potrait

Funny Fractal Gift Potrait

Fractal Gift Potrait
on and on and on

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