JOHN LENNON POTRAIT hand paint. Hi guys, this my first digital portrait is completely hand-painted with the mouse, only the hair is treated with the filter topaz clean 5. I hope you likes.
Member reactions:
Fantastic work. Did you use a Lennon's photo as a reference.
Awesome. Yeh Vlad, he's digitally painted over this image ....and did a darn good job.
, only a mouse... You NEED to get a tablet...but great job using only a mouse.
Fantastic digita art.... excellent background with star studded sky gives a feel of lovely evening Great Job
Polished Work Rick, perfect choice of background. Congrats on trophy
Such a beautiful tribute, congrats on trophy and excellent work
Congrads on the Bronze Cup, Gold cup work, but I expect nothing less.
Bronze Congrats Ricky ... I had no idea these were yours ... Great work.

Funny Barack Obama Self Potrait

Barack Obama Self Potrait
Self portraits have become a global phenomenon
Member reactions:
As if he wasn't bad enough as it was now he is turning into a "Creepy Azz Cracker"
Excellent representation of the news link and Self portrait are becoming a new trend in the world and here Obama is starting it awesome job done
Congrads on the Woody, out of the box.
Great treatment/conversion. Wood for your effort
Congrats on the wood, Luna. Very artistic chop.

Funny Spider Potrait

Spider Potrait

Funny Fractal Gift Potrait

Fractal Gift Potrait
on and on and on

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