A Hot Potato
A Hot Potato
A Hot Potato. Speak of an issue (mostly current) which many people are talking about and which is usually disputed

Funny Mr Potato Head Goes Steampunk

Mr Potato Head Goes Steampunk
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excellent work... nice merge on the patato
Thanks everyone...and glad to see the number of voters building up a bit. I'm inviting FN-ers to make and effort to vote (and comment) more often. It's such a great site, and I hate to see interest flagging a bit of late. Will also try to recruit new players.

Funny A Hot Potato

A Hot Potato
Best viewed original
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Really cute, Hobbit. Congrats on the Bronze.

Funny A Hot Potato

A Hot Potato
Speak of an issue (mostly current) which many people are talking about and which is usually disputed

Funny Couch Potato Under a Moose Head

Couch Potato Under a Moose Head
I would have posted all the background sources but imageshack is now charging money for their site. Anyone have any free alternatives for posting sources.
Member reactions:
Very, very nice job. Looks like a real photo.
Freaking brillinat. Tons of work to make it a totally real looking photo.
Congrats on the silver, DD. Nice to see you on the podium again after a long break.

Funny Little Red Potato Hood

Little Red Potato Hood
Little Red Potato Hood, ...through the forest to Grandma's house.
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Awesome look of a Fruity and Veg Wonderland and like the Hand bag concept created from a Potato
Very interesting.. nicely done with Potato as bag and the whole dress.. Wonderland
Very creative and beautiful, bronze congrats Vicspa.
Bronze congrats, Vic. Me in love with this chop.

Funny Potato with an Afro

Potato with an Afro
Member reactions:
good job, well done. this is just my opinion, you could have done michael jackson's face with half of the potato peeled since it's inside is white beige. very beautiful image antway. I gave you a good mark
Excellent work on Hair and the face created using Potato .... Out of box thinking great chop... love this

Funny Modern Day Couch Potato

Modern Day Couch Potato
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Perfect, I think I know someone just like this guy. Good Job.
So many stuff can be seen in this good job done
Really well done...just love it... Me in my younger years.

Funny Mr. Potato Head Pot Head

Mr. Potato Head Pot Head
Member reactions:
That reminds me...................NICE WORK.
Thank you pcrdds,disasterman,oldman and geriatric.
Congrats, Hitspinner...had a feeling this was yours. Nice job.
Congrats HS, you old bar steward, pipped at the post by a bloody Mashed 'Potato Head' . Have you been stealing Mashby's beer again.
Congrats on the win Hitspinner, Killer chop and a clear winner
Hitspinner, this is soooooooooo dam cute, great job and congrats on the win.
Thanks Doxi. It was your post in the forum that brought the lip injury to my attention.
.. Excellent work Hitspinner... This just cracks me up...
Thanks, I really am satisfied when I can make you folks smile.
Lol...very fun chop...I wanna have one like that......congrats on the gold...great work hitspinner.

Funny Couch Potato

Couch Potato

Funny Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head
Mr. Potato Head turned 60 this year. Brooklyn-born toy inventor George Lerner came up with the idea of inserting small, pronged body and face parts into fruits and vegetables to create a "funny face man." Lerner would often take potatoes from his mother's garden and using various other fruits and vegetables as facial features, he would make dolls with which his younger sisters could play. The grape-eyed, carrot-nosed, potato-headed dolls became the principal idea behind the plastic toy which would later be manufactured. Mr. Potato Head was first put out by Hasbro, but only the parts, not the body. Yes, the original had you sticking things into real potatoes! That's why the toy proved controversial - with the war and food rationing a recent memory for most Americans, the use of fruits and vegetables to make toys was considered irresponsible and wasteful. Hasbro started selling it with the body only in the 60s. To celebrate 60th birthday of Mr. Potato Head, photoshop it any way you wish. Many thanks to Kellie for the contest concept.

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