Black Light Poster Exhibit
Black Light Poster Exhibit
Black Light Poster Exhibit. Member reactions:
Impressive use of lights and shadows and colors.
This is out of the bok good. Dunno why it didn't place. Folks must not be ready to revisit a Warhol spin off
Thank for the feedback. I knew this wouldn't win. I was just experimenting with new techniques that I hadn't tried. I liked the results enough that I wanted to at least show it.

Funny Shirley on Vintage Poster

Shirley on Vintage Poster
Member reactions:

Funny Egypt Tourism Poster

Egypt Tourism Poster
Member reactions:
Awesome use of lighting sources and great composition really like this chop
Thank you very much ericnorthend and rajeshstar ... ...
Impressive stuff - would well go as a real poster. Congrats on the silver, gugu.
Very clean and crisp. Like Newsy said, a real poster ...almost. congrats on the win
Thank you very much Hitspinner,Xaos54,geriatric,pcrdds,Ariel9 and penaplonk ... ...

Funny Beautiful Egypt Torism Poster

Beautiful Egypt Torism Poster
Member reactions:
Excellent details.... the chop is very clean and beautiful with hot girl nice attractive package given
Sweet graphic design, An easy tourist v-board poster I wonder if they let women parade around with so little clothing.

Funny Edward Snowden in Disguise on Wanted Poster

Edward Snowden in Disguise on Wanted Poster
Member reactions:
Excellent. How about making one of the agencies, "Freaking News."
uahahahAHAHAH Maybe the NSA should print this one .
Awesome collection of different look and whereabouts very well done nice chopping of different facial looks of one person together
Mindblowing stuff Its Really Awesom job done good to see so many characteres
I guess this has already been approved as WANTED POSTER... BEST Freaking CLASSIC CHOP

Funny Carl Jumping Out of Up Movie Poster

Carl Jumping Out of Up Movie Poster

Funny Tour Istanbul Tourism Poster

Tour Istanbul Tourism Poster
Riot Police, Protesters Clash in Istanbul Square
Member reactions:
Well composed.. Perfectly matching with the story

Funny Alien Poster in Japanese

Alien Poster in Japanese
completely drawn by me
Member reactions:
Most awesome drawing... its look like completely digitally made painting nice green text as well well done
So professional work. Alien mouth-inside mouth is genius idea. Color selection and effect is out of the box
Congrats on the wood robin,creative and cool work,as always
Made from scratch - beautificent. Congrats on the wood, robin.

Funny Kim Jong Il Fast Food Poster

Kim Jong Il Fast Food Poster
Member reactions:
Nice chopping of Pig mouth and ears to him... looks more funny
Congratulations on your Gold Trophy gugulanul, superb entry,your getting better and better.
Gold congrats, gugulanul. You're on fire.
Congrats on the gold gugulanul,great work
Belated Congratulations guglanul... Just returned to town. Nice job. ; )

Funny Gorbachev working in a Poster Studio

Gorbachev working in a Poster Studio
Poster on the left side: "Bring up a generation of selfless devotion to the cause of kommunisme." (1986) Posters in the back: Glory to the heroes of labor. (2003) Yeltsin, you are wrong. (1996)
Member reactions:
Another masterpiece Wanderer, Bronze Cup Congrats.
Awesome chop wanderer,love all your chops,congrats on the bronze
Thank you, my Friends. I am continuously learning from you. Sincerely, W♠
Wanderer, the weight of all this metal you have been winning must be tiring. Be glad to take some off your hands. Lol. ; ) Congratulations Wanderer...

Funny Propaganda Posters

Propaganda Posters
May 1 is International Workers' Day, also known as May Day. This holiday is one of the most loved holidays of Communist and Anarchist organizations and their affiliated unions who celebrate this holiday by organizing marches with propaganda posters. Soviet Union was the biggest country that celebrated May Day with nation-wide parades and propaganda posters. These days May Day is no longer an official holiday in Russia and many ex-communist countries, but remaining communist parties still organize parades on May 1. International Workers' Day does remain one of the main communist holidays in China - celebrated with parades and propaganda posters. To celebrate the upcoming May Day in a "Freaking News way", Photoshop any old propaganda posters any way you wish. Here are two good examples - poster 1, poster 2. Many thanks to Malcolmxy for the themepost.

Funny Wanted Posters

Wanted Posters
Ukraine's ousted president Victor Yanukovich is the country's #1 wanted man - the Ukrainian police are distributing "wanted" posters across the country. Anyone who sees the runaway prez or knows his whereabouts is asked to contact the local police office. Meanwhile Russia said they are ready to give Yanukovich political asylum. Take any celebrity, politician, animal (or any object) and make a "wanted" poster of it. Here's a good example by GarRobMil, and another good example by unlimitededitions.

Funny Wanted Posters

Wanted Posters
On January 17, 1899, in Brooklyn, New York, a boy was born to Italian immigrant parents, Gabriele Capone and Teresina Raiola. Named Alphonse ("Al"), he grew up to become the America's most notorious mobster. Despite his criminal record, Al Capone spent at least 20% of his criminal money on charity and was seen as a modern-day Robin Hood by many people. Capone became a cultural icon and his criminal mastermind, lifestyle and look gave the inspiration for many books and movies. To recall the old gangster times, take any celebrity or politician and make a "wanted" poster of your subject. Show us what "crimes" or activities your victim could be wanted for. Here's a good example by GarRobMil, and another good example by unlimitededitions.

Funny Minimalist Movie Posters

Minimalist Movie Posters
Back in 2009 Austrian designer Albert Exergian created a series of minimalist posters for famous TV shows. Little did he know his work would inspire a new internet meme called "minimalist movie posters" which depict famous movies in as few symbols as possible. Here are some more great examples. Photoshop minimalist movie posters showing any symbols from movies like in the examples above. From the first wave of submissions it seems that most members have misunderstood the directions. The contest did not call for depicting movie titles, it asks you to show any symbol(s) that is(are) specific to the movie you are depicting. E.g. in one example above the poster for movie Seven shows the box that appears in the last scene of the movie.

Funny Labor Day Posters

Labor Day Posters
Labor Day weekend is almost here. Doug Larson once said: "If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day Weekend." To celebrate Labor Day at Freaking News, design any motivational or demotivational poster asking Americans to work harder. An example could be a demotivational poster featuring Britney with the words "My last rehab treatment costs more than an average American makes in a year. Work Harder." Here's another good example. Try to make them mimic the classic (de)motivational posters format like these examples - black background, image in the middle, followed by the title word(s), and demotivational message below. The image in the middle has to be photoshopped, so you can not just take unaltered photo and add text to it. Remember that your entry in this contest HAS to include the title word(s) and a (de)motivational text message, like in the examples above.

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