Brian Williams' Postcard from Tokyo
Brian Williams' Postcard from Tokyo
Brian Williams' Postcard from Tokyo. Member reactions:
Congrats on the silver, HoHouse. Cool blending
Congratz HoHouse nice one . feeling the feel of victory WW2 selfie

Funny Merry Christmas from Egypt Postcard

Merry Christmas from Egypt Postcard
Wishing all a wonderful Christmas from Egypt
Member reactions:
First Christmas card fom Egypt. Very cute.
That is Egypt must be searched. Not so immediate.
Egypt has its beauty from a historical standpoint but is so behind in its mentality and standards SMH. But anyone wanting to visit, its great for a visit just know someone either from online or such that can give you a great tour without the touristic ripoffs like any place.

Funny Apple Corporation Postcard by Magritte

Apple Corporation Postcard by Magritte
Member reactions:
Corporations are taking over the world, they're even creeping into masterpieces

Funny New Washington Postcard

New Washington Postcard
A postcard memory for the Tourist. .
Member reactions:
Hilarious..... Obama with resemblance of big foot with big mammoth to support his existence is really amazing good idea
WHOA. I'm shocked. 5th Place. My head is starting to swell. Thanks for the comments & votes.
That is hands down the weirdest Obama character I have ever seen hahahahahahah
nice one geriatric. and it's always nice to see you chopping every once and a while
I had to come back and look at that Obama face again, that is soooo sic hahahahahaha Like a Howdy Doody cone head thing..... Bizarre.
Right-with 'PinHead' silhouetted on his Cowboy neckerchief.

Funny Come Visit Canada Postcard

Come Visit Canada Postcard
Member reactions:
funny ha ha ha Dman and Puppet looks great......
Awesome work, hidden.....totally digging D-man's horse. .... Not to mention the those bears....ha ha ha ha.
Thanks, everybody. D-Man is without a doubt, the FN "Meme."
Congrats, on winning the Gold.....Paul. Awesome work my friend.
Thanks, AWESOME. Thanks, Bernie. Thanks, Lady out. HA........
Congratulations. Now, this is where you belong. "#1 in our Hearts & #1 on the Charts."
Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, D-Man...I couldn't have done it without that great mug of yours.
CONGRATS ON THE GOLD... and thanks for answering the age old question, "Do bears do it in the woods. NO, they like tourists to watch."

Funny Typical Everyday Postcard

Typical Everyday Postcard
Typical Everyday Postcard.. well something differant anyway.
Member reactions:
nice post card need money for drinking beer ....
When you will get money call me.. funny card

Funny Hollywood Postcards

Hollywood Postcards
Sources News Link
Member reactions:
Thanks Kellie, Pree and Arno. Clocked a few hrs in on this one, glad you like it
Classic. Love the vintage look here with so vivid colors.
I finally figured out what this is. Post cards within a greeting card is what. That's some pretty weird schtick, Xaos...Really good chopping
Silver congrats Chaos. I wish I was there... on the silver podium, .

Funny Stonehenge Postcard

Stonehenge Postcard
Member reactions:
The ruled paper imitating the photoshop editing background takes it to another level too
Yeah, this here was a true contender. Me loves it too
nice one SidKain, congratulations on wood

Funny Old Cruise Liner Postcard

Old Cruise Liner Postcard
Member reactions:
Love the vintage card spin you chose. Very nostalgic feeling.
This was really well done. Top job. As a coincidence the (Cunards) Queen Mary 2 was in port behind my work in Greenock today. Had fireworks and everything celebrating it. As usuall it was raining though so not such a nice day for the passengers. Congrats on the wood.
thanks guys.since joing freaking news i have learned so much on photoshop.before i just used it for the basics but now i am learning every day.FREAKING NEWS ROCKS.
Thanks for the compliments, retral. Your chops are ornaments to FN - we love them. and congrats on the wood.

Funny Alien White House Postcard

Alien White House Postcard
Member reactions:
. the postscript.

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