Tie fighter Postage Delivery
Tie fighter Postage Delivery
Tie fighter Postage Delivery. Member reactions:
And bronze congrats too. I like how you did the scenery in the open door.
Thanks for the comment and the fav Armatien .

Funny MenEx Express Postage

MenEx Express Postage
Member reactions:
So does the woman need the big package because they have a big box.
Great Chop in that box and the reflection as well.. The bigger women needs were bigger and this MenEX service will fulfill those Well executed.
24x7 supply , this is very interesting work I like the box and the stuff inside nice mirror effect and its very clean
Pro work and great concept, congrats Salis.

Funny British Rowing Team Postage Stamp

British Rowing Team Postage Stamp
Member reactions:
Good design Nice stamp for the Olympics 2012...

Funny Barack Obama Weight Lifting Postage Stamp

Barack Obama Weight Lifting Postage Stamp
Member reactions:
Fantastic work, but why the rather small image size.
Great Job like the caricatured face of Obama will work for Elections 2012 for US. The Stronger contender will lift the Weight..
Little kiddo flying on Alladins Carpet With those weights

Funny Vladimir Putin Postage Stamp

Vladimir Putin Postage Stamp
If it were up to Putin to judge, he would get every medal for every arena. You can say what you want, but at least the guy has confidence.
Member reactions:
This is the real fact one man can win all the medals good job
thanks guys, i'm really cleaning up here huh. geez, with all this win money i'm going to finally save up enough for that can of beans i've had my eyes on. no, seriously, i really am that poor, and i really am having fun winning money. and most importantly, i'm doing stuff that makes people happy. i hope.
Well done on the bronze Moya. I think the Russians will find they have a lot of competition this time

Funny Iceland Olympic Postage Stamp

Iceland Olympic Postage Stamp
I feel that everybody forgets that iceland exists. I HAD to represent them somehow. Unfortunately all that i know them for is volcanoes and Bjork. So, I capitalized on both of those things. And besides, if riding a team of synchronised swans out of an active volcano doesn't get you some kind of gold, then the Olympics is even more lame than we all thought it was to begin with.
Member reactions:
Excellent work with Swans and the Olympic race begins in Iceland good representation of the Country...
Its very nice, good blur background and cool font

Funny Israel and Iran Wrestling Postage Stamp

Israel and Iran Wrestling Postage Stamp
Member reactions:
Good Stamp design for representing Israel in Olympics 2012

Funny Queen Elizabeth Diving at the Olympics Postage Stamp

Queen Elizabeth Diving at the Olympics Postage Stamp
Member reactions:
Queen everywhere in Olympics good to see her in Swimming costume well designed...
Interesting job done, looks like a 3d stamp here
Congrats on silver Wanderer. PEST on the postmark.. Was that intenional.

Funny Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Boxing Postage Stamp

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Boxing Postage Stamp
Member reactions:
what a shot in the Eye Obama and Micheal power works this Olympics good luck team America..
We hope to win, but China has very strong State sport support program (similar USSR had before to win). It will be hard to take 1 place in the word. But anyway it will be great time to see competition (it was borring after EURO 2012 ended). Best Regards, W
Congratulations Wanderer. Michael Phelps to win the gold for swimming.

Funny Russian Martial Arts Postage Stamp

Russian Martial Arts Postage Stamp
Member reactions:
Good design and Nice Caricature faces of Putin funny creation of this stamp creates magic in Olympics....
another one, you are wiping the floor with us Wanderer.

Funny US Postage Stamps

US Postage Stamps
Postage rates will increase in 2011, with first-class stamps rising from 44 cents to 46 cents starting in January, pending approval by the Postal Regulatory Commission, the US Postal Service announced Tuesday. It is the latest in a series of cost-cutting, revenue-raising moves the USPS has made as it confronts plummeting service, out-of-control health-care and pension costs, and a massive budget deficit. With Americans abandoning regular mail in favor of the electronic, the USPS has been unprofitable for a number of years and is drilling a hole in the US budget. Next year's USPS projected loss is over $7 billion. Postmaster general said if the Postal Regulatory Commission won't approve the postage stamp price increase, they will have to start firing people and closing offices, as they are one step away from bankruptcy. So, we will see the postage stamp prices increase in 2010. The USPS already came up with the new stamp prices but they are still shopping for ideas for what should be featured on these new stamps. Let's help the USPS design new postage stamps of different (real or not so real) denominations. Will they approve our stamp designs? Let's see who (or what) deserves to be featured on these stamps.

Funny Postage Stamp

Postage Stamp
This Monday US postage stamp prices officially go up from 39 to 41 cents. But here's the good news - you can still buy stamps that will remain valid regardless of future price. They are called "forever" stamps. Not because of the price, because of delivery times. In this contest you are asked to design new US postage stamps, possibly showing new postal price of your choice. Alternatively make existing stamps bigger or smaller and put them on other objects - buildings, people, animals, insects, etc.

Funny Postage Stamps

Postage Stamps
[ Flori-duh voters strike again. An absentee ballot was mailed with a rare stamp worth as much as $200,000 - the famous "Inverted Jenny" - but the vote did not count as there was no name on the envelope. ] In a related story, famous stamp collector from Florida misses one of his most valued stamps after he asked his wife to mail an absentee ballot. Election after election, Florida voters just keep getting confused about this voting thing, but you can't blame them - it takes time for half a million Cubans to Americanize. In this contest you are asked to make stamps depicting any person or event in the past 20 years (till today). The stamps will have to have some error or imperfection (design error, print error, spelling error, etc.) which will make these stamps a rarity in the years to come. Giving the stamps an old worn-out look is a plus.

Funny US Postage Stamps

US Postage Stamps
Who, in your opinion, deserves to be the next person featured on a new stamp? Use your imagination to help the U.S. Postal Service design the new stamp!

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