Possessed. Member reactions:
Yikes, I feel like I just interrupted something and now she's gonna get me
Hahahahaha something for sure pizzed her off
I think she was just trying to pee and I interrupted it.
Awesome thought provoking work, with a disturbing beauty. Nice SS.

Funny Possessed Donald Trump

Possessed Donald Trump

Funny Possessed Doll Digital Art

Possessed Doll Digital Art
Member reactions:
Ha ha even possessed the Doll looks funnier to me hmmmm No nightmares please.~.~~..
I hope this isn't your Daughter on a bad day.... Twisted but, GOAT to the core.

Funny Possessed Skeletons Own Ninja Duo

Possessed Skeletons Own Ninja Duo
Member reactions:
you should fix the arm of the lady, because you can still see a part of the shoe
Congrats on the gold crusader, very nice work..
Congrats on the win, crusader. You are on a roll.
this is your 5th gold too, so congrats on the graduation from the apprentice league. Time to play in the advanced contest section.

Funny Possessed Cat

Possessed Cat
Feline demonic possesion=levitation=lack of gravity.
Member reactions:
The composition is hilarious. I wish the cats were less blurry and had some shadows though

Funny A Beach Possessed

A Beach Possessed
Member reactions:
I loved this one.This is my kind of humour,.
My kind of humor too. I laughed. Thanks Gar.

Funny Possessed Digital Art

Possessed Digital Art

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