Moses poses
Moses poses
Moses poses. Member reactions:
Congrads on the trifecta, good job all around.
What, three. Great job. Welcome to the enemy list for hogging all the trophies I am kidding of course,,,,errrr but only partially. hahahahahaha
Congrats on the triple play, Vic. Another outstanding work.

Funny Posing Model digital painting

Posing Model digital painting
The book case took me the longest time to do. Digital art.
Member reactions:
If the shoe fits and all that, but in this case I don't think it does.
There are two gold things under her skirt, what are they.
Nice Painting, Hidden. Original view is the best. I'm a bit confused as to the position of her legs though. Perhaps it is the horizontal shadow line across the front of the dress.
Sweet. Stool I believe, Luciano. I really like this one. Would make a great print

Funny Face Transplant Guy Poses For GQ Magazine

Face Transplant Guy Poses For GQ Magazine
A man with a complete face transplant poses for GQ magazine Jay-Z would like to thank deaddog for the use of his face. As deaddog would say, "bwahahahahahaha."
Member reactions:
DD may simply start lending his face for a fee. How much for a day or per chop.
I think I look like Sean Connery, as depicted here.
like the new face with stitched together... Looks like Jason from Friday the 13th Movie. well done
This looks great Nice Thinking nice threading on the face
It can be clearly seen that after chopping off the face it dead skin color changes , best marketing work for the transplantation with the Bold stitches
Freaking idea. I hope they gave Freaking idea. I hope they both gave the permission to collate their faces togather.
And the wood.

Funny Woman in a Glamour Pose Digital Art

Woman in a Glamour Pose Digital Art
I did all of this picture using about nine layers. I must say that I don't believe people should wear the fur of any animal so the woman depicted in this picture is wearing fake fur. digital art

Funny Woman Posing in a Purple Evening Gown Digital Art

Woman Posing in a Purple Evening Gown Digital Art
I used multiple layers to create this woman's face. I also used the blur filter to blend the various colors of her skin to create a more subtle shading effect. digital art

Funny Jay Leno Posing For a Portrait in a Convent

Jay Leno Posing For a Portrait in a Convent
Member reactions:
I really like those two creepy candles up above. Good one.

Funny Woman Posing for the Camera Digital Art

Woman Posing for the Camera Digital Art
I found a picture that I liked so I used it to do this piece of digital art. I especially liked the wall and the shading. digital art.

Funny Praying Mantis Posing For Photo

Praying Mantis Posing For Photo
“no bugs were harmed in this photo re-enactment”
Member reactions:
A once in a lifetime shot. nice find. Good detail on kodak box.
One shot do not miss the chance to blow Quality of DSLR here
very funny .

Funny Rihanna Poses Topless

Rihanna Poses Topless
Rihanna Poses Topless See in Full Resolution Please.... For Whom want to see the difference
Member reactions:
Rihanna looks Awesome but i cant see Topless very clean and crystal job done nice...
Nice "Manga" look to this. I like the ultra smooth finish.

Funny Lance Armstrong Posing for Calvin Klein

Lance Armstrong Posing for Calvin Klein
Member reactions:
Awesome work, very clean and clear(calvin&Klein ) idea. super chop his head is perfectly placed.
Only this left for him to endorse after giving everything in penalty as fine and court dues he left with Calvin&Klein stuff to show off Well done in this chop... Nice idea
with all the steroids he might not fit the job .. nice work.
Many thanks for comments Geriatric, Suni, Ericnorthend, Rajesh, Pree glad you like my work.
Thnak you for congrats Ericnorthend, Geriatric, Newsy

Funny Prez Posing as President

Prez Posing as President
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Life size cutouts you can put your face through are one of the oldest known attractions dating back to the 14th century. They first appeared at carnivals, and thus were originally called "carnival cutouts". These days you can often find them at zoos or amusement parks and they are usually called simply "stand-ins" or "photo cutouts". Photoshop this photo of Pres Obama poking his head through a stand-in where visitors pose as the president at the Women's Rights National Historical Park, NY any way you wish. Some examples are - show who else may pose as the president and the people on the right, repaint this head-through-the-hole stand-in, etc. These are just some ideas. (Image credit: US government work)

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