Barack Obama Posing as Abe Lincoln
Barack Obama Posing as Abe Lincoln
Barack Obama Posing as Abe Lincoln. Member reactions:
www Paul , You surprised me with this one . Nice style my man . Way to go on the Gold Mine ...
Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, D-Man. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, Chili Man...gotta change it up now and then to keep you guys guessing.
Congratulations. Right down to your tennis shoes.
How can this be a winner. He's got two right shoes. and we all know he's all left. Congrads on the cup.
Thanks, Mme BOULPIX. Good eye, HH. Thanks.
Thanks, Grumpy...nah...far from the best.

Funny Militiamen Posed No Threat

Militiamen Posed No Threat
News Story View Large Please
Member reactions:
Brilliant full view. I'd make minor adjustments: Increase the contrast of the front soldier and add some shadows from him.
There you are , Newsie. Correction done. Thanks
Nice one of Two, not bad. Congrads, Hitman.
Hillarious HS. You seem to have turned up your color volume lately, I like it. Congrats.
Huh, not many comments on the article. I thought it was a big deal, maybe like a lot of the news, it just slips on by and fades. I dunno about the rest of you but I don't think this is an isolated group. Sort of scares me.
Propeller boy hahahahahahah that chubby little fella likes anything with catsup on it haha. Yeah, David, The funkster turned me on to a Topaz suite of controls that has a color blast function that rocks. I finally got CS2 to function if only in a crippled state of operation but that plug-in works pretty well. I'm a bit wobbly still in getting it dialed in and I don't have perfectum anymore to finely tune out the blotchiness but I do like that explosive edge it gives to the colors so. In the meantime we'll just have to live with a grainer-more contrasty chops for a time til I can get all the goodies back. Doubt that will happen until I get a new PC that can handle the plugins, CS4 and ProTools as well. Thganks for the votes and comments folks. Happy easter belated
Bronze bullets for Hitman. A clown with a gun would make me both scared and laugh, . Congrats.
Luv the cynical humor hits, congrats. This world really is full of sicko's....

Funny Sarah Palin Posing

Sarah Palin Posing
Palin's fame "got to her head" Johnston "desperate" for agreeing to pose ... for Playgirl.
Member reactions:
Good chop, she's hot and if we had to look at her for four years....At least she's hot. Pose with him..

Funny Lotus Pose in Insense Smoke

Lotus Pose in Insense Smoke
Member reactions:
Great work mod totaly you are fantasy designer , keep up with great styles man ... looking forwards your chops

Funny Jodie Foster Posing

Jodie Foster Posing

Funny Man on a Jet Ski on Land Posing for the Camera

Man on a Jet Ski on Land Posing for the Camera
I spent hours working on the positioning and color.. hope you like it...
Member reactions:
If you had pulled the guy would be much better But this well done congratulations
I think it turned out very well. It looks like a real photo.

Funny Pose

Member reactions:
Nice - just try to fix the closer ear, there's dark fringes around it which look awkward, & then if you highlight tip of ear, it will stand out from the dark object in bkground.
Hey now this look a lot better , well done, i like how the eyes keep the natural color
This is another nicely blended entry. Good job. Lighting is also great.
Nicely matched tones, focus and contrast. Would have liked it better if the finished image wasn't quite so monochromatic. (Just my opinion)

Funny Posing

Member reactions:
Is the idea to dress an animal or photoshop and swap an animal face onto a human body.
Create images of animals dressed up that are trying to make fashion statements. This entry does that.

Funny Newt Gingrich Posing

Newt Gingrich Posing

Funny Putin Bodybuilder Posing

Putin Bodybuilder Posing
Putin posed as a president now he's posing and flexing for photo
Member reactions:
The face is a little big for the head and the skin tones don't match, to achieve this you could try selective colour -->neutral or colour balance. You could remove the pixelated bits with the blur tool set to about 25 to 30 %, try a bit at a time to see what works. I would do it on a duplicate layer.
The face mask should have been better, and need more work on color-tone as said by Azuresky.. but the selection of image is good
Nice try with merge, need quite more skin tone work.

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