Poseidon With A Stone Phone
Poseidon With A Stone Phone
Poseidon With A Stone Phone.

Funny Poseidon Tall Ship Digital Art

Poseidon Tall Ship Digital Art
The tall ships are a beautiful sight to see. They have a certain majesty and romance to them. However, they were not the most comfortable vessels to live on for months of sea. digital art

Funny Poseidon in a Diving Helmet

Poseidon in a Diving Helmet
Member reactions:
Excellent underwater scene Great work with the statue well done this is creativity like the star fish and the Shark staring at him
Its funny and brilliant idea. congratulations
This is very clever, and a perfect match for the Poseidon statue. Congrats on the bronze, gugulanul.

Funny Poseidon Coming Out of the Sea

Poseidon Coming Out of the Sea
Member reactions:
nice. is that a 800813 that he's holding.
Very well done, great job, fantastic work here, Like it
Its simply perfect job like your idea for this chop excellent color used here

Funny Poseidon in the Sea with a Boat

Poseidon in the Sea with a Boat
Member reactions:
One for the ladies - nice
spectacular........ i have a new wallpaper...yoink...
Congrats on the bronze. One of the better blends.

Funny Young Poseidon

Young Poseidon
Member reactions:
ah sunshine .. you keep getting better and better my friend congrats on the bronze
Thanks a lot to everybody..
(( ain't no sunshine when she's gone.....)) this classic song keep jumping in my head whenever i read ur name... congrats on the bronze,,, well done
One of the most creative uses of the source in this contest. Bravo. and congrats on the bronze, Sunshin3.
Salis actually I thought about that song when I had choose my nickname really Thanks for congrats and I have to say you have a beautiful imagination and great creativity, keep it up. NewsMaster thank you so much, I am very glad you like it.
thanx Sunshin .... sweat words from sweat person...

Funny Poseidon Pi

Poseidon Pi

Funny Poseidon's Pleasure

Poseidon's Pleasure
Member reactions:
While I was looking at it, I figured Poseidon didn't need his big brother Zeus to be throwing a lightning bolt into his pic, .

Funny Temple of Poseidon

Temple of Poseidon

Funny Poseidon Statue with a Gun

Poseidon Statue with a Gun
Police shooting sparks riots in two Greek cities
Member reactions:
Great concept but the gun should probably cast some shadows on Poseidon.
I dont know.. he was holding a trident and that didnt cast a noticable shadow
Should be OK then. Now that I took more close look at the angle the shadows are cast I think I have to agree with no shadow

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