Digital Woman Portrait
Digital Woman Portrait
Digital Woman Portrait. Digital Art
Member reactions:
You did a pretty good job on the beads and pearls. I remember a picture of my mom in similar hair and attire. Very nice.

Funny Rembrandt Zombie Self Portrait

Rembrandt Zombie Self Portrait

Funny Portrait of Hillary Clinton by Rembrandt

Portrait of Hillary Clinton by Rembrandt
Member reactions:
Good job,but can't stand the face,that's why I use it.

Funny Helen Thomas Portrait

Helen Thomas Portrait

Funny Ben Bernanke Portrait by Rembrandt

Ben Bernanke Portrait by Rembrandt

Funny Putin Portrait by Rembrandt

Putin Portrait by Rembrandt

Funny Angela Merkel Portrait by Rembrandt

Angela Merkel Portrait by Rembrandt
Member reactions:
And the woody too, good for u, good stuff

Funny Obama Portrait by Escher

Obama Portrait by Escher
Inspiration So nice of Obama to give Bush, Jr. a job. Supporting an artist, too.
Member reactions:
Fantastic... work great ball and lovely illuminated pic
Excellent Buffalo Bill Obama and composition.
Ha, Excellent Colonel Sanders composition.
Congrats, IcyAllEyeCan . Perfect Escher-Obama.

Funny M.C. Escher Portrait

M.C. Escher Portrait

Funny Artist Self Portrait

Artist Self Portrait
Member reactions:
He looks like my brother-in-law but my brother-in-law's hand is different than his. Nice picture.
Pretty to look at. Interested to hear what it all means v
On display, two of my passions. Playing music and creating art. One reality spills over into the other, an intertwining, which binds them both as essential elements of myself. Or without solving the message it is as you say, pretty to look at.
Nice self portrait. Maybe soften the humpty dumpty pic. it seems to sharp compared to the rest.
Strange liek a dream. Jeremix comment is correct.
I did correct the sharpness. It doesn't seem to matter whether the chops are flawless or not, lately the outcome has been the same. Thank you for your votes and comments.
Congrats Tim. Great Image. Love the Talk to the Hand part. Does your white rose represent Spirit or Purity.
Exceptional, if you play music as good as your chops, then you must be darn good.CONGRATS..
Thank you Hobbit, Gummy SS Doc. The white rose is simply my favorite flower. It is used in several past chops. Hobbit, I play for my own amusement and camaraderie these days but at one time... Actually I am late for a jam right at this moment so gotta go. Thanks all
Beautiful job as always Hitspinner. Is that a self portrait.
Thanks Elegary, Bob and Robb. Yep Robb, that would be me. I work cheap as a model. Little chance of a lawsuit .

Funny Finger Portraits

Finger Portraits
33-year-old Italian photoshop artist from Bologna has a strange hobby - he creates finger portraits of celebrities and famous characters. The artist chose the nickname "Dito" (meaning "finger" in Italian) and says that he got this strange artistic idea from an Italian metaphor "to hide behind one's finger" meaning some unsuccessful (hiding) strategy. Photoshop finger portraits of celebrities and famous characters similar to these examples. Please include celebrity names in your entry titles.

Funny Gift Portrait

Gift Portrait
Photoshop this gift portrait image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: Changing the Lincoln gift portrait for some other portrait or some other object, putting the guy carrying the gift portrait into some new environment, using this gift portrait image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. You have 4 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Image credit: Chuck Kennedy / United States Government Work.

Funny Horror Portraits

Horror Portraits
It's almost Halloween time at Freaking News. A lot of us will wear costumes for Halloween and will turn into evil vampires, zombies, witches, and warlocks just for the Halloween night... It's a "self portrait" contest where you have to photoshop yourself with some horror theme or Halloween theme. Think about turning yourself into vampires, warlocks, witches, zombies, and other evil creatures, or just make yourself spooky one way or another. Here's a good example by thekillerbee. More than one way to make yourself scary (several entries) is more than welcome!

Funny Self Portraits

Self Portraits
Newly discovered (apparent) Leonardo self-portrait goes on display in Italy in April and May. The portrait has been in a private collection and was originally thought to depict Galileo, however the close inspection revealed that the portrait has been signed on the back with Leonardo's inscription. So far the only authenticated self-portrait of Leonardo is a red-chalk drawing from 1512 when Leonardo was 60 years old. Several research projects also suggest that the famous Mona Lisa masterpiece is in fact the "hidden" self-portrait of Leonardo. It's a "self portrait" contest where you have to photoshop yourself any way you wish.

Funny Portrait

You are asked to photoshop this image The theme of this contest is "Face Swap". Doing a face swap is good practice as it requires several basic skills required to become good with photoshop. Source choice, perspective, color matching and masking are equally important when doing a successful face swap. Hipnoart wrote an excellent tutorial on face swapping. Check it out if you need some help. Using the supplied image, swap any female face on the supplied painting. You will have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Typical FreakingNews entry guidelines also apply. You can find them here. Thanks to mashby for sponsoring this contest.

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