The Portable President Obama
The Portable President Obama
The Portable President Obama. Now with the amazing battery-powered teleprompter he can make a speech anywhere, anytime.
Member reactions:
Never has to stop with his extra battery pack, but he never does anyway,blah,blah,blah.I won.
the caricature is superb, pretty funny idea too
Yes Kelli, exaggerating the features as much as I could. His ears and chin were the main victims.
Manrich, you bring our site another extension 3-D extension. The chops rocks.
Thanks NewsM, it takes longer with the airbrush, but seems to work. Soon I hope to learn how to make a shirt pocket. Kellie, sorry I miss-spelled your name.

Funny Girls Watching a Portable TV in a Bouguereau Painting

Girls Watching a Portable TV in a Bouguereau Painting
Member reactions:
Congratulations on the gold, Craving and great to see you back.
Congrats Craving Frogsmoke will be happy to finally add another Bouguereau.
Aeeeeeeee.....very good job, congrats on the gold CRAVING...

Funny Woman with a Pink Portable TV by John William Godward

Woman with a Pink Portable TV by John William Godward

Funny Astronaut on the Moon with a Portable Toilet

Astronaut on the Moon with a Portable Toilet
Are you done in there yet. I've gotta go bad.

Funny Sattelite Portable TV

Sattelite Portable TV
Member reactions:
Very inventive, but there shouldn't be any shadowing around the sat dish.
Ok. "Roger that." , the shadowing i gone and thanks for the help
Looks better now Shadowing on right edge of scale could be removed too, since it's not a flat scale, against a wall and the light is coming from the top right.
Fair work, and good color matching with the dish.

Funny Portable Solar Panels on Fireflies

Portable Solar Panels on Fireflies
newly found energy efficient bug

Funny Portable Money Printer

Portable Money Printer
Who wouldn't want a hand held money printer. Gadgets for the Poor
Member reactions:
Comes with motion-activated battery charger...just shake your "Money Maker".
Clean job. Print me one hundred of those bills please.

Funny Portable Computer Phone in a Backpack

Portable Computer Phone in a Backpack
Take your computer-phone with you wherever you go.

Funny Portable CD Player

Portable CD Player
Solar powered, skip-proof, water-proof. Note: Runs better in warmer weather. Please View Full.
Member reactions:
I don't think this model does much "running" at all,

Funny Portable Freakstation

Portable Freakstation
Portable FreakStation with touch-sensitive screen and stylus now enables you to be thoroughly boring on holiday too.
Member reactions:
Very cool. Love that repeated image thing.
It goes on into infinity. I always find that fascinating.

Funny Portable Power System

Portable Power System
US Department of Defense announced the open competition for the best design of a portable power system for troopers. The requirements are: the device has to weigh within 8 pounds and be able to power most electronic equipment - radios, global positioning systems, night vision devices - for a single trooper for a period of four days. The new power generator device will replace the current wearable power systems used the US army - they weigh over 19 pounds and include battery pack and solar panel generator with the accessories. DOD will announce the three winners in 2008, and the chosen design will get a $1 million check for the exclusive right to use the design for mass production in the US military. Design or place any portable power system on animals and people. Some examples can be bugs powered by batteries, elephants wearing solar panels, and people having carrying small power plants on their backs. Your power system can be actually carried, worn, or built in the animal / person like in the example with batteries.

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