Modern Madonna of Port Lligat by Dali
Modern Madonna of Port Lligat by Dali
Modern Madonna of Port Lligat by Dali. So why did Dali paint "Madonna" in two versions. We know he took the first, portable one with him to a visit to Pope Pius XII for the Pontiff's blessing. Perhaps that experience inspired Dali to revisit the theme, this time on a grander scale. Oh, so many unanswered, thought-provoking questions surrounding the mystique of Salvador Dali, Marquis de Pubol.
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Classic image with a modern touch. Great job.

Funny Inmate Caught in Port-A-Potty

Inmate Caught in Port-A-Potty
news source: Search: Escaped inmate found in port-a-potty

Funny The Madonna of Port Lligat With Natalie Portman

The Madonna of Port Lligat With Natalie Portman
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nice blend, she's very pretty and cool background too

Funny USS Port Royal Ship

USS Port Royal Ship
USS Port Royal runs aground in Honolulu, Hawaii Please view in full and check out my sources. All I have to say is the Navy cruiser was a Masking Nightmare. Hope it looks realistic. Navy Cruiser source Sandy Beach source
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I thought the same re masking, ya'v done a fine job all over.
Clunk...ooops hahahahahahaha Intensely crisp, KB. I totally understand the masking nightmare on this, it's somewhere between masking palm fronds and a tazed up ball of fishing line Kudos mate you are the master. Congrads on the silver
I took your sources and played with them a bit. And I couldn't match the Cleanliness. A Really Great Mask while preserving that antenna mast. Really Nice Work.
Congrats KB.. Looks like he's ramming the shore full speed...
Thanks news1st. It took at least 3 hours at 500 percent zoom. . It was one of those too far into it to back out now chops. I kept asking myself, WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF. Thanks for all the comments everyone.
congrats killer ... i hope hes not a deep "v",,

Funny Port Security

Port Security
The Arab security men haven't noticed the Guinness being unloaded. given their strict teetotal views, would they have sent it back.
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Arabian Guinness commercial take one. HABEEB - "Once we get our foot in the door, Were in". Abdulla - "That's Brilliant".
Hmmm the Philadelphia "Tea" Party..I Stout they would notice
Camel: oooh baby I love a man in pink hope he parks himself between my humps tonight..
Look at that infidel over there, he's eyeing our cargo.
Camel to guards: "Got a light." Guards: "It's non-smoking place you idiot."
Good entry. The lighting is different in your source images. The guards are lit from the left while the worker is lit from the right. To make this closer, you could just reverse the guards.

Funny US ports

US ports
== --> VIEW FULL, please