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Funny Porcupine Pictures

Porcupine DuckFunny Porcupine Duck
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Barack Obama PorcupineFunny Barack Obama Porcupine
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Poor Porcupine PeteFunny Poor Porcupine Pete
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Despite Porcupine Pete's New Hair Style and Fancy Car, He Couldn't Shed His Image as the Local Prick. The Corvette was 'A Natural Selection.' Source
The work on the hair style is absolutely great. Well done chop. I don't seem to understand the evolutionary factor of the pic, but that probably me. I got stuck in am early stage of the evolution.
Typical Vegas pric.......................

Squirrel PorcupineFunny Squirrel Porcupine
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Hey buddy Quill you be careful and hope she dosen't get squirrely and shoot you ..
Oh, great, all the hair bands are broken up..... now, what am I gonna do.
Awww, makes me wanna reach down and....OUCH. #$%^-little-no-good-%^&*%$#$%

Porcupine-frog-birdFunny Porcupine-frog-bird
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Remember folks they are more scared than we are and thats why they attak (Yeh sure..)

Porcupine frog birdFunny Porcupine frog bird
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It's strange, odd, brilliant and wonderful all at the same time. I love it.
That is so bizarre, it's cute. ... Don't let my kid see it, he'll want one,
So Gonzo REALLY was my Dad.... This looks like a gentically altered Gonzo.. Where can I get one. Patti

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