Porcupine and Beetle Hybrid
Porcupine and Beetle Hybrid
Porcupine and Beetle Hybrid.

Funny Porcupine Duck

Porcupine Duck

Funny Barack Obama Porcupine

Barack Obama Porcupine

Funny Porcupine Driving a Car

Porcupine Driving a Car
Despite Porcupine Pete's New Hair Style and Fancy Car, He Couldn't Shed His Image as the Local Prick. The Corvette was 'A Natural Selection.' Source
Member reactions:
The work on the hair style is absolutely great. Well done chop. I don't seem to understand the evolutionary factor of the pic, but that probably me. I got stuck in am early stage of the evolution.
Typical Vegas pric.......................

Funny Squirrel Porcupine

Squirrel Porcupine
Member reactions:
Hey buddy Quill you be careful and hope she dosen't get squirrely and shoot you ..
Oh, great, all the hair bands are broken up..... now, what am I gonna do.
Awww, makes me wanna reach down and....OUCH. #$%^-little-no-good-%^&*%$#$%

Funny Porcupine-frog-bird

Member reactions:
Remember folks they are more scared than we are and thats why they attak (Yeh sure..)

Funny Porcupine frog bird

Porcupine frog bird
Member reactions:
It's strange, odd, brilliant and wonderful all at the same time. I love it.
That is so bizarre, it's cute. ... Don't let my kid see it, he'll want one,
So Gonzo REALLY was my Dad.... This looks like a gentically altered Gonzo.. Where can I get one. Patti

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