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Funny Pope Pictures

Liar of the Year Meets The PopeFunny Liar of the Year Meets The Pope
Member reactions:
He Lied, Again I think the Pope told Obama that he was "Going to burn in hell" and Obama told the Pope that "If you like your congregation you can keep them". I know who I believe.
That nose is a dangerous weapon and shouldn't be allowed by bodyguards

the invasion of PopeFunny the invasion of Pope
Member reactions:

This is Mindblowing Very well executed..
Quality work. The pope's head seems to have paper-thin borders, judging by the opening on top. Maybe edit it and add some thickness to the borders.
I love it. Some really fine work went into this. Big congrats on the silver.
You just keep getting more amazing with every entry Elegary.Congrats on the silver
Elegary congratulations .. by the way I think this might be true,,
thank you very much to all, friends. thank you very much for your feedback

Member reactions:

Oh Happy Day... Today, 20 March, The International Day of Happiness is celebrated throughout the world
Great work done in this caricature... Pope looks funny and happy well done
PixJockey you captured his essence.. congratulations .
Hahah Lima bean head, pretty cool. Congrats on the cup

Pope Stole A Cross From A Dead PriestFunny Pope Stole A Cross From A Dead Priest
Member reactions:

The Pope admits to stealing a cross from the casket of a dead Priest.
Good job. Light on pope's face and on the cross seems to be inverted.
The way he keeps the cross is his first miracle. Go, Francis go .
At least he had guts to confess to kleptomania Cool chop

Pope Francis enjoying energy drink.Funny Pope Francis enjoying energy drink.
Member reactions:

Welcome back, apporreaorg. Glad to see you again after so mamy years.

Pope JayFunny Pope Jay
Member reactions:

The popeFunny The pope
Member reactions:

Impressive work. Thought I'd increase the overall brightness a tad, lowering contrast some
A dignified look given to the Groundhog good one
Pope Hog. Catchy name Nice Job Evirio

Member reactions:

woooooooooooooow che meraviglia... hai fatto una delle piu' belle caricature che abbia mai visto, i colori poi sono favolosi... grande lavoro 10+++
Excellent caricature.. the Pope looks holy
Great job, hidden love the perspective of the background
A real pro work, in the best traditions of Vatican .
Mag quality and bobblefantastic... It almost looks like watercolor, airbrush and conte pencil. Definitely top plate, mate. Hah, I rhymed. Congrats on eth cup
Congrats on the wood, PJ. Two out of four, Italy ruled today's contest again.
Congrats on the Wood, PixJockey ... Very nicely composed and executed.

Obama To Visit The PopeFunny Obama To Visit The Pope
Member reactions:

Obama To Visit the Pope. I don't know if I would trust that Gondolier since he looks so much like Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford.
I didnt recognize him without the crack
Hahaha, and I thought the Gondolier was Benny Hill.
Newsie is right, he's making that Benny H. face nice work I like the addition of G.W.
Just noticed the jumper hahahahahaahahahaaha good one.. Clean as a whistle and looks fantastically real
Thanks, everyone. Yeah, Tim...unfortunately, "real" looking chops don't cut it anymore. Such a shame.
You are right but some do get through. Nothing I have done lately but Luciano pulls off some whoppers from time to time. He grounds me when I start to get way over the top artistically. Reminds me it is a chop, not the Sistine Chapel. There may never be a trend back to basics but I enjoy a masterful effort. You got one going here, trophy or not, it is a super pro chop. But I understand. The only way these photo-real chops grab a cup is by some large degree of uniqueness in what they communicate. But we have to do them once in a while just to appease the chop God or balance ourselves

THE LAST POPE (full view please)Funny THE LAST POPE (full view please)
Member reactions:

Fantastic work here.Great caricature,great execution,blend and texture.Great hidden
miss andwhat your compliments are always fantastics... iam very happy, thaaaaaank you veri much beautil miss
Superlative. I was missing this pope Francis behaviour
lucianomorelli, you are italian, i am italian your compliment vale doppio per me, grazie di cuore amico mio,,,, grazie di dimostrari sempre il tuo apprezzamento per i iei lavori
Yer gonna' burn in New Jersey for this one...
Another Master piece of luck
Fantastico lavoro, anche se francamente non ce lo vedo Papa Francesco nei panni mefistofelici in cui l'hai messo (I don't agree on the meaning, but I like your amazing artwork .)
We PJ. haHhahhAHhaha Hai letto nel mio pensiero......... condivido pienamente.
Fabolus job of Pope John Paul great expressions and a freaky smile with smokey effects all over good work
Freaky locket, craziness in laughing face and full of texture skin. its superb. and the light effect is top of its category
Roby, volevo solo giocare con il papa, non voglio offendere la sua figura, questo papa anzi mi sembra un po meglio di Ratzinger... che era molto una figura cupa e tetra... per fortuna andato in pensione, speriamo che questo papa porti la chiesa ad un livello piu vicino alla gente, ai poveri... alla sofferenza, proprio come voleva San Francesco nel 1200 grazie dei complimenti ------------------------------------------------------------ I just wanted to play with the Pope, I do not want to offend her figure, this pope indeed seems a bit better than Ratzinger ... a figure which was very dark and gloomy ... thankfully retired, we hope that this pope will bring the church to a level closest to the people, to the poor ... suffering, just as he wanted to St. Francis in 1200
psmandrake grazie amico mio... comunque molto meglio di quello precedente... molto piu' umano perlomeno
balodyia thaaaaaank you my friend for your wonderful compliments, you make me happy
sulliishere thank you guy you are a my new friend...
rajeshstar a lot of fantastic compliments my friend... thaaaaaaaanxxxxx you
He is a good man and should be a good pope. Hope the 666 is not prophetic Very nice work done. It has a Kratos feel. Congrats on the silver
Another impressive artwork from Ricky - congrats on the silver too.
D.congrats ricky....time to harvest some trophies.
hitspinner I think it's a good pope .... I just wanted to play with the figure of the new pope, without offending him, thank you very much
silvercanine I hope this time still a little hard, I like to win sometimes. thaaaaank you my friend

Pope SecurityFunny Pope Security - [ Vatican security around Pope Benedict XVI has been tightened after the Pope's harsh remarks on Islam and Mohammed got muslims around the world extremely angry. Even though Vatican officials issued a statement that the pope regrets his comments, musilms say that 'regret' is not enough and they want a personal apology from the pope. ] OK, we all know that President's speeches are written by his staff speechwriters, but who writes speeches for the pope? God? This time the pope did not read them well enough, and now muslims want a personal apology. And by personal apology they mean saying five Hail Marys, five Our Fathers, and doing five cartwheels in front of all muslims. In this contest you are asked to photoshop increased tightened security around Pope Benedict XVI any way you see it. Lots of cardinals with guns protecting the pope? Pope in bullet-proof clothes? It's your call.

Pope emailFunny Pope email - What other email messages did the Pope receive that were not disclosed? Show us the Pope's IN or OUT email box. Emails could be from world leaders, celebrities or anyone else that you can think of that might send the Pope an email.

Pope CelebritiesFunny Pope Celebrities - If you could elect the next Pope using a celebrity, politician or any other famous face, who would you like to see? In addition, create a Pope "Name" for your Pope creation and place it on the image.

Pope John PaulFunny Pope John Paul - The Pope in a Ferrari? Alright! Create images of Pope John Paul living life to the extreme! Please Note: No babes, smoking joints, cigarettes or other vices that might offend, just show us the Pope having some good, clean fun, we'll leave the really "sinful" stuff in the closet!

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