BIKER POPE. Member reactions:
I read the pope sold his bike and gave the money to charity. Nice work.
Looks sleeping. God is keeping care of him.
Nice job I'd make the halo a bit more fuzzy.

Funny Pope Francis

Pope Francis
Pope Francis urges religious tolerance on rare Turkey visit
Member reactions:
Fabuloso. What, no Vatican symbol on the yoyo. Love what's written on his palm. .
Oh, boy... you're totally gonna burn in heII for this chop, covered with golden trophies, hahaha. Awesome
this one must be somewhere in your top 5, funkwood.
Smart work done. Like the written idea on the palm.
Great work with sarcasist smile of the Pope shows all his intentions well done
Francis will agree with the overall job, but for punk symbols.
close race, funkwood, but of course this ends on top. by far the funniest pope chop i have seen. really a great piece of work. congrats.
I love it of course but the one below blows me away. Congrats on the gold.
Congrats on the Gold, Funkwood. A perfect 10

Funny Hilly for pope

Hilly for pope
Member reactions:
long back i saw this type of posture with nehru ji, now with pop, happy to see this, its like inspiration to liberty life, i love this type of pictures, very nice

Funny Pope gang

Pope gang

Funny The Pope Eats In A Cafeteria

The Pope Eats In A Cafeteria
The Pope pays a surprise visit to a cafeteria
Member reactions:
HAT-TRICK. Quality work the hard way. Congratulations x 3.
I think I know some Italians here Congrats on the wood too, Paul. 3 out of 4 ain't bad
Dali for sale in a cafeteria . Wood congrats

Funny The Pope Takes On The Mafia

The Pope Takes On The Mafia
Some think the Pope is risking his life by taking on the Mafia
Member reactions:
Looking at Berlusconi the children's rhyme comes to mind "Liar, liar, pants on fire."
Excellent caricature, but being his lower part melted, he looks too tall.
Now the heavenly touch is required to cleanise Mafia good one in showing all the all the feelings of haterd and crime pass away from the touch of God
Congrats on Wood, Paul. Great manipulation

Funny The Pope Is Against Weed Legalization

The Pope Is Against Weed Legalization
Pope Francis condemns marijuana legalization
Member reactions:
The smoking cardinals in the back look so real. The pope had to roll the biggest one of course
HAT-TRICK. I figured that you'd hog the Winner's circle with such fine chops. Congratulations # 3.
... and the wood. 3 out of 4 ain't shabby.

Funny The Pope

The Pope


Member reactions:
Congratulations on the Cup PJ. An Iggy-Pop Pope...funny stuff.
Congrats on the wood, Jockey. Nice to see you again.
Hahahaha, what a concept. Great job PJ... Love it woody goody

Funny Liar of the Year Meets The Pope

Liar of the Year Meets The Pope
He Lied, Again I think the Pope told Obama that he was "Going to burn in hell" and Obama told the Pope that "If you like your congregation you can keep them". I know who I believe.
Member reactions:
That nose is a dangerous weapon and shouldn't be allowed by bodyguards

Funny Pope Security

Pope Security
[ Vatican security around Pope Benedict XVI has been tightened after the Pope's harsh remarks on Islam and Mohammed got muslims around the world extremely angry. Even though Vatican officials issued a statement that the pope regrets his comments, musilms say that 'regret' is not enough and they want a personal apology from the pope. ] OK, we all know that President's speeches are written by his staff speechwriters, but who writes speeches for the pope? God? This time the pope did not read them well enough, and now muslims want a personal apology. And by personal apology they mean saying five Hail Marys, five Our Fathers, and doing five cartwheels in front of all muslims. In this contest you are asked to photoshop increased tightened security around Pope Benedict XVI any way you see it. Lots of cardinals with guns protecting the pope? Pope in bullet-proof clothes? It's your call.

Funny Pope email

Pope email
What other email messages did the Pope receive that were not disclosed? Show us the Pope's IN or OUT email box. Emails could be from world leaders, celebrities or anyone else that you can think of that might send the Pope an email.

Funny Pope Celebrities

Pope Celebrities
If you could elect the next Pope using a celebrity, politician or any other famous face, who would you like to see? In addition, create a Pope "Name" for your Pope creation and place it on the image.

Funny Pope John Paul

Pope John Paul
The Pope in a Ferrari? Alright! Create images of Pope John Paul living life to the extreme! Please Note: No babes, smoking joints, cigarettes or other vices that might offend, just show us the Pope having some good, clean fun, we'll leave the really "sinful" stuff in the closet!

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