Pope O'Reily
Pope O'Reily
Pope O'Reily. Member reactions:
Great work, but it's tough at the top of the pile.
Thanks guys, for the great comments. Yeah u right H.H. extremely tough competition, with a lotta awesome entries.
Fine job. It was a tough one indeed Next time...

Funny Pope Francis

Pope Francis
Member reactions:
lucianomorelli congratulations...... I love how his head looks like a rain drop ... so funny.
Congrats on the gold, Luciano. Big win in a big contest.

Funny Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Funny Pope Franis

Pope Franis
Member reactions:
Another very good one Hobbit... Very nice work

Funny Firehead pope

Firehead pope

Funny The Pope Dressed as a Nun

The Pope Dressed as a Nun

Funny Donald Trump Holding Pope Francis' Hand on the Potty

Donald Trump Holding Pope Francis' Hand on the Potty
Sound from Trump here: press it

Funny Pope Visits Mexico

Pope Visits Mexico
Member reactions:
Congrats on the silver Elegary

Funny Pope Doesn't Like Donald Trump

Pope Doesn't Like Donald Trump
Pope suggests Trump 'is not Christian'
Member reactions:
Congrats on top 5, PSH. The immigration issue is one of the most discussed ones these days. Is that the Masonic badge on Trump.
Top 5 kudos PSH. It is the Free Mason symbol. Is trump a Mason....
That Mexican style Pope hat is great. Excellent Chop, P.S..
Perfect. Congrats on top 5, PShaveyouseenthis.
Thanks Gummy, NM, Hitsy, UncleChamp and Wanderer. I wouldn't be surprised NM if Trump has the dodgy handshake, I just found it amusing that a stone mason would build the said wall.

Funny Pope Francis Banishes Donald Trump

Pope Francis Banishes Donald Trump
Pope Francis said Trump is "not Christian" if he wants to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border
Member reactions:
Now the pope is engaged in the campaign too. Oh Oh.
The separation of religion and politics....oops had to be chopped. The butterflies vs the barbed wire like it.

Funny Pope Security

Pope Security
[ Vatican security around Pope Benedict XVI has been tightened after the Pope's harsh remarks on Islam and Mohammed got muslims around the world extremely angry. Even though Vatican officials issued a statement that the pope regrets his comments, musilms say that 'regret' is not enough and they want a personal apology from the pope. ] OK, we all know that President's speeches are written by his staff speechwriters, but who writes speeches for the pope? God? This time the pope did not read them well enough, and now muslims want a personal apology. And by personal apology they mean saying five Hail Marys, five Our Fathers, and doing five cartwheels in front of all muslims. In this contest you are asked to photoshop increased tightened security around Pope Benedict XVI any way you see it. Lots of cardinals with guns protecting the pope? Pope in bullet-proof clothes? It's your call.

Funny Pope email

Pope email
What other email messages did the Pope receive that were not disclosed? Show us the Pope's IN or OUT email box. Emails could be from world leaders, celebrities or anyone else that you can think of that might send the Pope an email.

Funny Pope Celebrities

Pope Celebrities
If you could elect the next Pope using a celebrity, politician or any other famous face, who would you like to see? In addition, create a Pope "Name" for your Pope creation and place it on the image.

Funny Pope John Paul

Pope John Paul
The Pope in a Ferrari? Alright! Create images of Pope John Paul living life to the extreme! Please Note: No babes, smoking joints, cigarettes or other vices that might offend, just show us the Pope having some good, clean fun, we'll leave the really "sinful" stuff in the closet!

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