Poor Ma'am
Poor Ma'am
Poor Ma'am. Member reactions:
..."So bow down to her if you want, bow to her. Bow to the Queen of Slime, the Queen of Filth, the Queen of Putrescence. Boo. Boo. Rubbish. Filth. Slime. Muck. Boo. Boo. Boo." - The Princess Bride
Interesting triplex 😳. Thanks Hohouse and Raj 👍🏼

Funny Poor Larry

Poor Larry
Member reactions:
You should apply some painting filter to his face.

Funny Poor dear just needs some rest

Poor dear just needs some rest
It was the Russians. It was the FBI.

Funny Poor Germany. Merkel again.

Poor Germany. Merkel again.
Angela Merkel to Stand for Re-Election as German Chancellor
Member reactions:
Ahhhhhh Angela Merkel bashing Trumps Hillary crybaby bash . Ohhhh the wonders of how some people take this so seriously. :O Congrats, Andrew, fine job.
Thank you, Hobbit, MsgtBob and Hitspinner.

Funny Poor Diddy

Poor Diddy
Bad Rap
Member reactions:
Again, another entitled jerk, jerking us around

Funny Poor Vladimir Putin

Poor Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin claims in accounts he made just 100k last year sources
Member reactions:
Kinda' tugs at the ole heart strings. Please pass me a tissue. Great job.
Yes money was ended, but he has still rope and piece of soap
Great job. Missed a little gun shadow on the top left corner of the newspaper.
Thanks so much guys. And DD, thanks. Fixed it.
Poor Putin. While Russians suffer, he squirrels away.
Poor Putin Great job done. Good thinking with the doggie stuff
Congrats on the compelling job and win. Your message and color levels are perfect. This is one of the best "real" theme builds I have seen on FN.
Gold congrats, jere. Love that a realistic chop can win.
thanks for liking it ,folks. i thought it was worth the effort, too.a bit of a funkwood ripoff maybe, hehe. oh well.
Congratulations on the gold, Jere. Putin sends his congrats too

Funny Poor Barack Obama

Poor Barack Obama
Member reactions:
Awesome texture on the face and the lovely turban made as US flag design Get him some job or else he will be your president
Super cool chop, skin pattern and the frame is amazing

Funny Poor Man Finds Wads of Money in the Street

Poor Man Finds Wads of Money in the Street
Member reactions:
Like the background blurring and makes the image crisper But to get the money lying there... but he needs to bend to take that

Funny Poor Barack Rich Michelle Obama

Poor Barack Rich Michelle Obama
Member reactions:
Fabulous job. But gee...only 100K. For who, the attorney. HA.
Love this entry...wonderful work. so nicely executed
This is why British_Cockneys call the wife Ball and chain
Love it its too funny but excellent job done
An absolutely Freaking Brilliant example of what can be achieved by an expert.
Congratulations on the gold, Salis, one of our master choppers.
thanx everyone for you comments and generous votes, appreciate it.
Another stroke of brilliance from Mr. Salis. Congrats, on the gold, mate.
Great victory Salis, your work is very good....
bit late..but awesome entry mate.... Congratz on the gold..well deserved...Just so clean..
Fabulous and perfect, golden congrats Sal..
This is really quite excellent Salis Golden Congrats, I love the clarity and color tones you are able to achieve and fabulous shadow and light as always.
Lool =D so funny & so pro brother good job & congrats

Funny Poor Carlos Slim

Poor Carlos Slim
Carlos Slim Lost About $6.7 Billion This Week

Funny Poor People's Cell Phones

Poor People's Cell Phones
What will the cell phones look like that are going to be sold to these "poor nations"? What sort of advertising will be created to try to sell cellular phones to these poor people? Create images of ads, flyers, posters, or new "poor people's" cell phones that will be marketed to these third-world countries!

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