Elephant Poo Cleanup Crew
Elephant Poo Cleanup Crew
Elephant Poo Cleanup Crew. Member reactions:
Thats a real matter, just some smoke is missing. You know some fn smoke

Funny Man Selling Dog Poo

Man Selling Dog Poo
Paul spends the better part of his day shoveling up dog crap.
Member reactions:
Oh boy, oh boy...revenge will be sweet, hidden. .

Funny Tiger Woods Picking up Dog Poo

Tiger Woods Picking up Dog Poo
i worked 5 hours on this. i had so many layers im dizzy.
Member reactions:
Roses are red, violets are blue This chop is way cool, and so are you.
ty this one made me,,, MAD...

Funny Seagulls Pooing on Daniel Craig

Seagulls Pooing on Daniel Craig
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Member reactions:
This is the last time I'm doing my own stunts.

Funny Wall Street Bull Poo

Wall Street Bull Poo
then it probably is.
Member reactions:
The turd is awesome, but looks like it is standing on edge. Needs the same perspective as the sidewalk. I would love to find a chrome turd somewhere for real. The fun would be never ending.
Just what they have done to the economy and all of us....And they got verrry wealthy doing it and still living like kings.It's a bit strange how they will not take any blame or responsibility for their actions.

Funny Spiderman Kangaroo with a Can of Roo Poo

Spiderman Kangaroo with a Can of Roo Poo
Armed with a his secret formula Roo Poo, no villian will stand a chance.
Member reactions:
Ok, I'm dizzy. (But I'm still not having any.)

Funny Bobby Poo Poo

Bobby Poo Poo
Sports agents smell a winner. Sign them early.
Member reactions:
Ha. Just what the Cowboys need - another baby. "Poopy Brown" would have been another good name for him. Nice job.

Funny Wombat Poo

Wombat Poo

Funny Cleaning Elephant Poo

Cleaning Elephant Poo
Looking back now at his new job with the state road crew, he realizes what starting at the bottom means.
Member reactions:
cool. work on the chop a bit and this will be a fine entry. also, darken the shadow on the car to match the others.

Funny Scooby Doo Poo

Scooby Doo  Poo

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