Ford Pony 1967
Ford Pony 1967
Ford Pony 1967. Source
Member reactions:
Pony. Indeed. 5 liter death trap like the 289 Sunbeam Tiger You have a flair for excellent miniaturizing

Funny Berlusconi Steals World's Smallest Pony

Berlusconi Steals World's Smallest Pony
Italian mafia steals world's smallest pony for ransom.
Member reactions:
Well composed to match the story like the Pony its too small
Thanks, PSM. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, Newsy.
Silver for Paul too - you are on a roll. Congrats.
Thanks, Newsy. Actually, I'm on a bagel.

Funny The Queen's Pony

The Queen's Pony
What do you get a queen who has it all. Another pony.
Member reactions:
Very funny caricature, Great job, looks like a Secene friend Alice in the wonderland
Horribly ghastly, the Queen would say "orf with your head"
Come here my good man and clear up the droppings for the roses.

Funny Unicorn in Love with a Pony

Unicorn in Love with a Pony

Funny Little Girl with a Pony

Little Girl with a Pony
it is friendly betweem little girl and little horse.
Member reactions:
I change the trees, give leaf at the grass, add flower to the mouth of horse, give lighting, and give some shadow.I think its look like real moments.
Probably only in my own sick mind but this seems a mite perverse.
I like the chop. Don't misunderstand. The rose in the Horse's mouth could indicate a sign of courtship. But as I mentioned, I'm a very jaded person.
lighting and shadows are great nice work on grass too
Looks like ... X is back-pleasant image.
great work
Thank you, Newsy.

Funny Bruno at a Dog and Pony Show

Bruno at a Dog and Pony Show
Member reactions:
Probably so.
dog with lipstick
Nice composition but some of the sources look a tad blurry in full ...
I knew that was you from the dogs that was great work doxione

Funny Sumo Wrestler Riding a Pony

Sumo Wrestler Riding a Pony
Added opposing foot. Thanks for the tips MayU, I took your advice - I think it looks better.
Member reactions:
you need to show the sumos' off-leg on the other side of the horse. As it is it merely looks like he is constipated on this side.
I love this, but I agree about the foot. Maybe if you could raise it off the ground a little more...kinda skew him or shorten him, it would look more like his foot is off the ground versus on the ground with poor shadow.

Funny My Fair Pony

My Fair Pony
Please view full.
Member reactions:
Think Eliza Doolittle going to the Ascot Races.
Exactly. The outfit is from the movie.
Artistic. Congratulations, Finnaryn. Glad to see you in top 3 again.
Thanks guys. My Fair Lady is one of my fav. movies and I thought of it right away with this contest.

Funny Pony with Two Heads

Pony with Two Heads
Member reactions:
cool, but if u can use another background or use the complete original backgroud this would look more realistic and less flipped.
as monkeys being my favorite how could i not vote on these cute babies

Funny Pony card

Pony card
Member reactions:
better hope your not hoofing it home broke..
Lovely. Poor kid.

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