Vladimir Putin President Polonium
Vladimir Putin President Polonium
Vladimir Putin President Polonium. Putin's Reputation Turns Radioactive

Funny Chanel Polonium Perfume

Chanel Polonium Perfume
from russia with love...

Funny Cow Eating Polonium

Cow Eating Polonium
Too obvious not to really. My first entry, also, by the way.
Member reactions:
damn., i forgot to wear my ggogles before looking this radioactive cow. Nice work, i think a glow around it would make it look more radioactive an powerful
Good...but is it drinking out of the can. or standing behind the can...maybe you should have done the can a little smaller and tilted some, to make it look like it is drinking.
Looks pretty poisonous. Be careful when you tip a can, to put its shadow on the bottom, not the top.
Good idea--the only thing I could suggest is to show the depth of the barrel so that the cow looks like it's taking something from the barrel. Hope I expressed this well enough for you.
Nice work. The only thing thatI would suggest is to give more depth to the barrel--show more of the inside to make it more realistic.

Funny Polonium 210 Bottle

Polonium 210 Bottle
Polonium, $22.50 Plus Tax "Commercially, Web sites and companies sell many products based on polonium 210, with labels warning of health dangers. By some estimates, a lethal dose might cost as little as $22.50, plus tax."
Member reactions:
We have Pharmaceuticals... WOot. Excellent details here in full view.

Funny Polonium-210 Fishing Boat

Polonium-210 Fishing Boat
The Millennium Hotel has it's own slip for it's only fishing trawler, 'The Polonium210'.

Funny Absolut Polonium-210 Vodka

Absolut Polonium-210 Vodka
"Stay with us just one night and you'll be glowing in the morning." - Kremlin Inn Guarantee Note: A few curies (gigabecquerels) of Polonium 210 emit a blue glow which is caused by excitation of surrounding air.
Member reactions:
Nice idea. I'd like to see the geiger counter bigger though. And the type at the top is too close to the edge. Otherwise I like it.

Funny Waiter Serving KGB Polonium-210 Sushi for Litvinenko

Waiter Serving KGB Polonium-210 Sushi for Litvinenko
Whats on the menu for tonight.
Member reactions:
I like the green glow above and below the tray. But this guy doesn't know how to hold a syringe.
Is he smoking that syringe. Love the glow.
Good one. It's fishy fish, folks. It's always the fish...

Funny Polonium-210 Poisoning

Polonium-210 Poisoning
Customers at a restaurant and a hotel visited by a poisoned ex-KGB officer will be tested for the radioactive substance that killed him, said UK health chiefs. Polonium-210 is a rare and highly toxic radioactive material, which can be obtained (or stolen) only from a sophisticated nuclear facility. There's no direct evidence the Kremlin was behind Alexander Litvinenko's poisoning, but in unwritten intelligence code "any spy who betrays and reveals intelligence secrets deserves to be eliminated". "Traitor" Litvinenko ruined years of Russian intelligence work when he fled to Britain in 2001 and published intelligence secrets in his book. Such actions gave him the same chances of being eliminated as playing Russian roulette. Six times in a row. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to Litvinenko's poisoning and contamination of British restaurants & hotels with Polonium210. Examples may include advertisements for "Kremlin diet", "ex-spy diet", new "Kremlin sushi" menu, or hotel "Kremlin suite" advertisements.

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