Hell Polo
Hell Polo
Hell Polo.

Funny Marco Polo Competition

Marco Polo Competition

Funny UEFA EURO Cup 2016 can be switched for Water Polo

UEFA EURO Cup 2016 can be switched for Water Polo
Paris floods
Member reactions:
nice work. looks like a lot of work. the doggie steels the show with it's cuteness. on a sidenote...i think the watersplash will look betterr without transparency.
Like how you merged the water with the rest of the chop.
This picture is no longer valid because Hollande and Valerie Trierweiler separated 2 years ago .
She looks great probably he did mistake 2 years ago
Grats Wanderer. Were going to finish lunch, flood or no flood.
congrats wanderer. your trophy wall is getting impressive.

Funny Polo back in the days

Polo back in the days
After some problems with the background, it's back with brand a brand new backround, shadowing and a wooden polo"ball".
Member reactions:
Nice edit. The guy's hands seem quite different in thickness and strength. But perhaps his right hand naturally gets more exercise from Polo. Also, I would consider placing a stone ball in the grass somewhere
Thanks for the tip, looks better. maybe it was a combination between polo and a lot of time sneakpeeking at the cavewomen, hehe. anyways, i gave him some steroids to help him with that.
Could be much better with a real polo player riding the dino. This way looks like a comic strip.
i agree, and probably a better answer to the contest as well. but, im also glad it looks like an comic strip, it was kind of what i was going for.
Congrats on your first trophy with us, vetleba.
Thank you guys, and congrats with Silver pcrdds. good one.
Congratulations on your first trophy, Vetleba. Pretty Darn cool, and one of my favorites in this contest.
Thank you, really glad to hear that, makes me motivated. Love this site, i'll keep posting

Funny Playing Marco Polo with a Shark

Playing Marco Polo with a Shark
Got started playing with it and couldn't stop. (No animals were harmed in the making of this chop)
Member reactions:
very well done at 1st good objiv is kaam nahi rehata haim

Funny Tiger Water Polo

Tiger Water Polo
Member reactions:
Water tigers... they're grrrreat. Excellent work, I would consider making the image brighter though

Funny Polo Golf

Polo Golf
Poor horse..better stick to golf
Member reactions:
Great work, poor horsey - it sees stars in his eyes

Funny Marco Polo Logo

Marco Polo Logo

Funny Men Playing Polo Riding on Ladybugs

Men Playing Polo Riding on Ladybugs
Member reactions:
"So, I told them hey frankenfruit has to have some up side to it..."

Funny Boy Playing Water Polo with his Feet

Boy Playing Water Polo with his Feet
Open for try out. US Water Polo Feet Division..... (Full View Please)
Member reactions:
This entry makes a big splash. Excellent.

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