Pollution Mask
Pollution Mask
Pollution Mask. Member reactions:
Really fine build.... Love it.... Congrats on the cup...

Funny China Begins Effort to Clean Pollution

China Begins Effort to Clean Pollution
News link
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cute little girl, very well done replacing the kite with vacuum cleaner
I thought this was a clever idea maybe a little propeller or engine something to depict how something of that weight could be staying in the air . . .

Funny Pollution Portal

Pollution Portal
People say the windturbines are poluting the coastlines, and the view. But, what if a relative small section of that view could keep your coastlines clean forever, would that make you see things different.
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if you stand under a wind turbine with a fluro tube, it lights up...IS THAT SAFE.....
You are not supposed to stand underneath the turbine Goat, that is why they are build in turbine parks.
I found out that a plastic shoppingbag is more environmentally friendly then a paper shoppingbag.... sigh... we are still a long way away from an oil free world. Recycling is the keyword for now, I guess. There is plenty oil to keep us going for 100 years or more, it is getting to the oil that is destroying our planet... so, we need innovation on all sides, new energy, recycling and better ways of pumping up the oil.
Sounds logical to me HIDDEN but, it all begins with Corporate 'social responsibility' (being able to pump cleanly and clean-up any spills...DUH..)which BP seems to have forgotten. Good luck.
I think many others have forgotten that too, given the proof of things going wrong in Africa and other places in the world (Shell company)
Quality work, and may be used as an environmental poster
Thanks for the votes and kind words, everybody

Funny Al Gore Creating Pollution

Al Gore Creating Pollution
Please view full size ... A little deviation of Gore's movie (an inconvenient truth). It's hard to find a funny title when english is not our native language . Hope you'll like it though. Here is the original movie poster.

Funny Tourists Look at Pollution

Tourists Look at Pollution
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Can't find the news link anymore... it's ok...
Well it really isn't ok. Maybe you could use this one
I agree BeerSlayer Kellie. I see kellies ...keepin in line. If I add a picture will you find a news link for me kellie hahahah
AB 1998 would have banned the estimated 19 billion plastic bags that are distributed annually at retail outlets in California...holy kremoly

Funny Pollution Gas Station

Pollution Gas Station
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This is different..getting gas will be like choosing a flavor of your next ice cream cone-eh.

Funny Beijing Pollution Advert

Beijing Pollution Advert
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Would be better to erase the brown outline around his head

Funny Smoking Smokestack Pollution

Smoking Smokestack Pollution
Hope you like it.

Funny Indian Pollution at the Tag Mahal

Indian Pollution at the Tag Mahal
pollution warning in india
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One more thing that we have OUTSOURCED to India.
I blame Agra Culture...it's all that methane from Sacred Cow farts.
maybe if more was done than a layer of smoke/fog/smog. Add more polution. Show a close up version of the Taj Mahal showing discoloration/staining, show dead fish floating in the river, dirty up the river, show the trees dying, etc etc

Funny School Bus Pollution

School Bus Pollution
If you have ever driven behind these school busses you know they are the biggest polluters on the road. School Bus Pollution
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Looks like a road trip to a Phish concert.

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