Partisan Politics
Partisan Politics
Partisan Politics. Politicians don't care what's good for the country or its citizens. They just want to beat the other party.
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Love the babys head..Should have been much higher placed in results
Classic baby out with bath water. Sweet Stuff, LunaC.
I would have given this the win, simple as that, no contest.

Funny Politics Book by Nancy Pelosi

Politics Book by Nancy Pelosi
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Nice caricature, HH. Should scored much higher based on the Poli-Tics alone.

Funny Dirty Politics

Dirty Politics
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When there is something dirty, Hilly is always present.

Funny Billy Clinton After Politics

Billy Clinton After Politics
Member reactions:
You better fix that beer before it falls off on the floor. It's just bearly on the shelf now. If one voter so much as sneezes while they vote you gonna have a wet floor.
A Super Comical Caricature of Bill. I suppose he's explaining to Monica his next move. That live octopus raises many a question.
After the octopus, that draught beer oughta hits the spot. Awesome
, odd looking day for bill. love the safe behind the painting concept.
Ah, The beer is safe now,,, All is right with the world.
excellent - he's ready to go back to Air Force One with Hilldog
I guess the rope behind Bill is a Hillary's gift. Isn't it .
Thanks Doc,Luciano, Swashbuckle, Highkey,balodiya, Joan Gummy, sulli, Jere, Champ, SS, anuradhaallu, Gummy. I was talking with Dan the other day and said I really don't do the super exaggerated caricatures like He does or Pike or Ricky or mandrake, not that I can't, I just try to respect other players playgrounds. But I made a brief exception with this one because Clinton is fun to chop and pretty challenging. Yep, the rope is a symbol of Hillary's never ending love for the two timing SOB Hahahahahaha Thanks folks
congratzy spinnerman.really cool attributes, like very much how you arranged the stuff on the table.
Congrats On the Silver, Hits. Super Chop'N.
really nice one too bad i miss this vote .
Great caricature, great symbolisms, great chop. Silver Congrats Hits
Thank you Bob, Wanderer, Champ, Armatien, Gummy,SplatShot and Jere
Congrats on the silver Hits. Awesome lighting fx and control and pretty darn good caricature too.
Total awesomeness. Congrats on the silver, Hits.
My, this is just plain darn FANTASTIC, as always love this pic, congrats on the win.

Funny Hugo Chavez Player in the Politics of Oil

Hugo Chavez Player in the Politics of Oil As home to the world's cheapest gasoline, Venezuela has long had to contend with the hemorrhaging of supplies as smugglers haul gas across the border to cash in where the fuel costs far more.
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One of the finest thing Hugo done for his country is Oil
Yep, credit where credit is due. He did manage to strong arm oilmen to quit the greeedy BS

Funny American Politics in the Future

American Politics in the Future
American Politics is one of many channels now available on the Scientology Network, where you can see the distant future in the near future in the present, such as the upcoming presidential debates. Contact your cable or satellite network provider and demand Scientology TV now. The Scientology Network -- It's Different.
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Funny. Great work with the lettering too.
Scientology Network.... it amazing great concept used here to represent in the polls

Funny Rotten Politics System

Rotten Politics System
Main idea: octopus represents the arms of the system, characters changing is the reality than we see on media and the money machine is working on the people souls no matter how much they suffer. The rotten apple represents the main food the system feeds to to work. I dont have nothing against Obama but I have smth against my country government which is exactly like this so lets say i got inspired from my country bad situation.
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Nice job but help me out here what parts are from the Oval Office.
Fantastic chop on itself but I wish more elements were used from the source image than just the two heads.
Congrats-I, still, think this image is a knockout.
Really excellent. I was going to write in comments, "quick' add the couch... They'll ding ya if you don't but got all distracted by some other matters and never got back to comment on this contest til much later and by then.. to late. Now I feel a bit neglegent. Anyway, I have made the same boo-boo in the "picture supplied" type contests and not kept enough related elements. Maybe we all have challanged that tradition if you've been around long enough. As a consolation, your chop is better than that goofball's that won.

Funny Lou Dobbs Career in Politics

Lou Dobbs Career in Politics
Member reactions:
Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason.
Not only he had a change of heart, he had a change of skin and race.

Funny Sarah Palin the Pirate of Politics

Sarah Palin the Pirate of Politics
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Lol Curse of the Black Candidate.
Creative concept, but It looks too much solid black in the nose and on the right part

Funny Ron Paul Crazy Politics

Ron Paul Crazy Politics
Inner soul demanding vote..
Member reactions:
Its a wonderful way to ask for a vote and say thank you before your expect it. Nice thought used here to get more votes Great texture used on the skin and freaky Owl Eye so cute ....
Thanks rajeshstar

Funny Rock Stars in Politics

Rock Stars in Politics
What if this becomes an everyday thing - the world in the hands of our lovable, conservative rockers? Photoshop a rock star or musician as a politician.

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