Star Trek Politicians
Star Trek Politicians
Star Trek Politicians. Just trying out some special effects at the expense of our fearless leaders.
Member reactions:
Awesome caricature. Is a new episode coming .
Congrats on the Bronze. You did a remarkable job. Obams eye treatment rocks and I love the ray gun burst effect. How'd you do that..
Kick azz work Luna,congrats on the bronze
Luna great stuff... congratulations on the bronze..

Funny Crying Baby Politicians

Crying Baby Politicians
Immigrants make personal appeal
Member reactions:
Both are crying and appealing looks funny

Funny Vintage Little Rascal Politicians

Vintage Little Rascal Politicians
Vintage Little Rascals
Member reactions:
Awesome job.... Like the concept of the kids lovely facial expression of the mighty

Funny Barack Obama's Politician Trophy Room

Barack Obama's Politician Trophy Room
Member reactions:
Most funny is of Ryan..... He can show us his full set of teeth and what Romney is very hilarious with his Foot coming out of his mouth Great and
Laughing my arss off part is of PALIN
Congratulations. This one reflects the painful truth.
Many trophies of Obama - who's next. Congrats on the silver, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy. I think I might be next. Thanks, Riccardo.

Funny Our politicians in Bulgaria

Our politicians in Bulgaria
Member reactions:
Tough country. I was in Bulgaria in 2008 - found it rather friendly country
Good to be a tourist in Bulgaria but bad for living

Funny #*(^%+# Politicians.

#*(^%+# Politicians.
Member reactions:
The destruction shown well and the bible in fire. and history book by politicians out of fire... very crazy
First they burn the books,then they burn you. good work.
Quality work. Kinda makes me think of Nostradamus

Funny Little Politicians on Segways

Little Politicians on Segways
Member reactions:
This is absolutely great but to me it looks like Obama is floating off the ground.
Thanks Paul , I thought it looked a bit Floaty. I put a stool under his feet to fix the problem . Good eye & thanks for bringing it to my attention ....
Floating, My fix: wheels and feet sink into grass, clone grass upon them and less shadow.
Congrats Chili. Thought this was pcrdds at first.
Great stuff. There's something so nerdy about a segway. They just make people look silly.

Funny World Politicians in Vegas Casino

World Politicians in Vegas Casino
What happens in Vegas...stays in Vegas.
Member reactions:
I think Putin need an Obama T-shirt. Good one P.
Sweet. Gambling away their nation's money.

Funny Politicians in the New Munsters with Barack Obama as Herman

Politicians in the New Munsters with Barack Obama as Herman
A new Munsters pilot has been ordered This version stars Barack Obama as Herman Munster; Nancy Pelosi as Lily Munster; Joe Biden as Grandpa; Al Franken as Eddie and Hillary Clinton as Marilyn.
Member reactions:
They're creepy and they're spooky, all together kooky........ wait...... that's the Adams family. D'oh. Funny as He..
pcrdds: Congrats on a really terrific chop. Your third place is well deserved.
Thanks, GrumpyOTJ. Thanks, Lady Sunshin3.

Funny Politician Cuckoo Clock

Politician Cuckoo Clock
They're all cuckoo, don't you think.
Member reactions:
If only they were SWISS, and not Americans, .

Funny Clown Politicians

Clown Politicians
[ A professional clown - Kenneth Kahn, aka "Kenny the Clown" - is running for mayor of Alameda in California. The 41-year-old clown admits that even his sister won't vote for him, but he's still hopeful to win city elections in November. ] Call me silly, but this news is no bigger surprise to me than Gary Coleman running for Miss America 2006, except that Gary Coleman is slightly more qualified. There are too many clowns in politics already, not that you didn't know that. Which makes our country a few clowns short of a circus. See, once in a while I like to tell you things you already know, just so that I sound smart. So next time you run into a politician, make sure you ask "Hey mister! Are you a clown?" Then check if all his balloon animals are ribbed and lubricated. In this contest you are asked to photoshop politicians as clowns in any environment you choose - photos, paintings, magazine covers, etc.

Funny Politicians

Create images of world politicians doing outrageous things.

Funny Children's Books by Politicians

Children's Books by Politicians
Create images of your idea for a world politician's children's book. Absolutely no celebrity or freaker books.

Funny Politician Devices

Politician Devices
Create images of politicians (or government leaders) from around the world using or wearing consumer electronic devices (iPods, Games, Computers, etc) OR create consumer electronic items specifically for any politician (or government leader) from around the world.

Funny Baseball Politicians

Baseball Politicians
It's time to put political leaders into baseball game. Create images of politicians playing professional baseball, in the dugout or as spectators watching the game.

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