Big politician
Big politician
Big politician.

Funny Mad Maxine Politician Turned Na'vi

Mad Maxine Politician Turned Na'vi
Member reactions:
Thanks Hobbit. Thank you D-Man, it sure does.
L.M.A.O...A Classic Gem.
Thanks Ed and thank you Gummy, that was very nice.
Congrats, Champ. I knew this was yours. Great Win. Damn.... by my calculations your 13 points short of the HOF.
Thanks Wanderer, and Thank You Splats,for the good words and the Fav, appreciate it.. Yeah your right on, 13 short and the bar keeps getting higher Used to get in with 6 gold, soon it will be 9 It's just awesome that FN is going to keep the doors open... Thanks Guys.
Great job Champ. Excellent face choice.
Thanks Bob and Hits H.H. Hobbit DDog I very much appreciate your compliments... Thank you friends.

Funny Politicians Discussing the Minsk Declaration

Politicians Discussing the Minsk Declaration
"Norman Quartet" leaders verbally confirm Minsk declaration
Member reactions:
Great compoasition but someone is near the wall,someone is far (shadows)
SHadows need fixing indeed. Cool composition though
And another fun-filled Andrew delight....

Funny Politicians Acting Like Children in the Oval Office

Politicians Acting Like Children in the Oval Office
Are we having fun yet..
Member reactions:
Congrats on the bronze Nanny,lots of work on this,funny
Cool crowd Congrats on the bronze, Nanny.

Funny Politicians Digging a Hole for Hillary Clinton

Politicians Digging a Hole for Hillary Clinton

Funny Tiger playing with Politicians

Tiger playing with Politicians
Hello there.. This is my..... My first submit
Member reactions:
Nice first entry. as MsgtBob would say "Welcome to the addiction"
Me likes a lot. Welcome to the site, redobject. First entry - first trophy, - great start.

Funny Retired politicians former European Union Member

Retired politicians former European Union Member

Funny American Politicians Smoking Weed

American Politicians Smoking Weed

Funny Vladimir Putin with International Politicians

Vladimir Putin with International Politicians
Member reactions:
Everyone is watching and seeking for you Putin... comeback soon
Awesome composition, everyone looks unique. Great effort hidden
The greatest collection I have ever seen. Compliments hidden.

Funny Politicians Sitting on Giant Thumb Tacks

Politicians Sitting on Giant Thumb Tacks
Member reactions:
You almost made me spit on the screen I controlled, but my wife didnt
The two on the right are smili ng because they wear iron panties.
Sitting on tacks. Very funny. Woody congrats
Congrats on the wood, Loth. Excellent piece of work.

Funny Two-Faced Politicians

Two-Faced Politicians
Politicians are often accused of being two-faced and talking out of both sides of their mouth. This has long been a familiar archetype in American culture. Deception is common among politicians who make promises they know they canít keep. There are also well known two-faced celebrities, athletes and public figures. For this contest, create a two-faced politician. The right half of a face has to be from one politician and the left half from another (may also use two-faced celebrities or athletes).†Please include their Names in your Entry Titles. AND PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. Many thanks to, Camthalio for the themepost

Funny Clown Politicians

Clown Politicians
[ A professional clown - Kenneth Kahn, aka "Kenny the Clown" - is running for mayor of Alameda in California. The 41-year-old clown admits that even his sister won't vote for him, but he's still hopeful to win city elections in November. ] Call me silly, but this news is no bigger surprise to me than Gary Coleman running for Miss America 2006, except that Gary Coleman is slightly more qualified. There are too many clowns in politics already, not that you didn't know that. Which makes our country a few clowns short of a circus. See, once in a while I like to tell you things you already know, just so that I sound smart. So next time you run into a politician, make sure you ask "Hey mister! Are you a clown?" Then check if all his balloon animals are ribbed and lubricated. In this contest you are asked to photoshop politicians as clowns in any environment you choose - photos, paintings, magazine covers, etc.

Funny Children's Books by Politicians

Children's Books by Politicians
Create images of your idea for a world politician's children's book. Absolutely no celebrity or freaker books.

Funny Politician Devices

Politician Devices
Create images of politicians (or government leaders) from around the world using or wearing consumer electronic devices (iPods, Games, Computers, etc) OR create consumer electronic items specifically for any politician (or government leader) from around the world.

Funny Baseball Politicians

Baseball Politicians
It's time to put political leaders into baseball game. Create images of politicians playing professional baseball, in the dugout or as spectators watching the game.

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