Little Girl Getting a Ticket From a Policeman
Little Girl Getting a Ticket From a Policeman
Little Girl Getting a Ticket From a Policeman.

Funny Eddie Murphy Policeman Tracking Aliens

Eddie Murphy Policeman Tracking Aliens

Funny Policeman Arresting a Woman

Policeman Arresting a Woman
Member reactions:
Very nice job. Right down to the reflection on the car
Nice comeback with the silver and now the gold, Tim. Excellent idea.
thx guys, I really enjoyed making this one.
Congrats on the gold Liltim. What a comeback entry.
Congrats Tim Take a long break and get gold after a few practice beards...way to go.

Funny Barrack Obama Policeman

Barrack Obama Policeman
I could be an Amateur.
Member reactions:
Or a Socialist. Derogatory " a person considered comtemptibly inept at a particular activity"

Funny Pig Policeman in Classroom

Pig Policeman in Classroom
See Large
Member reactions:
Press to oink.... .. (didn't notice that until big view) His left eye area. Wart.
Lots work, lotsa art, me likes a lot. Oink, Oink.
Congrats Hitman. A golden piglet for you.
Spinner hits the charts again with a pig of a chop ,will he ever stop to realise he is again....the winner.
Congrats Hit. It was a wonderful entry... warts and all.
Thank you folks. That was a long dry spell. Jeremix. Actually I may just be the main 4th place placer around here. It just seems like I win more than I do but if you look at my stats they're rather pitiful in comparrison to some of the 1st place chop gods. When I get that rare first, believe you me, I take notice hahahahaha Why sometimes I even squeal like a little girl. Again, thanks for the win, folks.
Awesome...looks like a real pig, I mean person. You concerned about fourth all the time shoot I can even come close to the work like you created here and those other big dawgs do...CONGRATS
DDB. Sure you can and do. There aren't very many choppers here that aren't capable of winning over anyone else providing the idea hits a common reality with the bulk of the voters. We have all seen standard chops with minimal effects overtake the superchops. It just has to be a really good idea that strikes that common chord. So that is my advice to anybody that isn't winning their fair share. Create thoughtful and meaningful chops that say something people want, nom HAVE to pay attention to and deliver them with enough technical expertise that the chops integrate seamlessly. Then, focus on developing the glitz stuff. That's all I do. I have some add-ons like Magic Pear or something and some other tricks but haven't used them yet but looking foreward to doing so.
I love this one... it's a well deserved win for a well done piece. Congrats Hitspinner.
Thanks HS. I'll keep the great advice in mind
MP. I toss out bits of the puzzle as I see them emerge. And love to hear other's ideas on this stuff. I mean it's not like there is a textbook we can read and suddenly get smart about all of it. So comments and ideas are all we got. Many thanks again for the votes and comments. And by the way, just a reminder, my email lines are always open to you all. There is zero reason not to write if you have a question or comment. I use these comment areas almost like a chat room but realize sometimes it's not the right place for long winded discussions. So.. email

Funny Policeman Halting Car

Policeman Halting Car
Member reactions:
interesting idea but somehow just doesn't work well (for me.) Now if one could see more of Ivana behind the mirror, with some scattering of mirror shards ... just a thought.

Funny Siegfried and Roy Policemen

Siegfried and Roy Policemen
Member reactions:
Yes it is. I called Joni in to see this and she roared.

Funny Children with Policeman

Children with Policeman

Funny When policemen dream...

When policemen dream...
Officer Kildunne, at the moment he thought the driver looked familiar...
Member reactions:
nice .. the driver looks like kenny rogers

Funny Policemen About to Fall Into Holes in the Ground

Policemen About to Fall Into Holes in the Ground

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