Barack and Michelle Obama Being Held Back By Police
Barack and Michelle Obama Being Held Back By Police
Barack and Michelle Obama Being Held Back By Police.

Funny Thought Police Book Featuring Mark Zuckerberg by Barack Obama

Thought Police Book Featuring Mark Zuckerberg by Barack Obama

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger Riding a Bike with Police

Arnold Schwarzenegger Riding a Bike with Police

Funny Einstein the Pi Police

Einstein the Pi Police
Member reactions:
Masterpiece. Just one point, looks hard to keep a normal pipe in that position, could be much better using a bent pipe. JMO,.
Simply beautiful, top chop. Congrats on your win...
I thought this was yours Tim, great work.
Arrrgghhh, just finished the yard work. But a win here makes the annoyance of that melt away. Especially in light of the terrific chops it had to inch out. Anytime I come out ahead of Funkwood it is like a platinum trophy. hehe Thanks be to you all, Deaddog, Swashbuckler, Andrew, Doc., Luciano, eric of the North End, (Must be a Viking ), Sulli and Kellie... for a rare and appreciated appearance. Glad you all liked it.
Great texture contrasts and color palette. Congrats on the gold Tim, awesome chop.
Excellent. Not sure I get it though, Einstein as Nazi. Forgive my ignorance, it's probably something I just don't know about : )
He's not a Nazi at all. He's the Pi Police, enforcer of the great infinite. ( Note the infinity portal) I suppose I could have used Archimedes but I am fresh out of photographs of him. So I used the first familiar mathematician that came to mind. Thanks Robb, Dan and Elegary... Cheers
Einstein....Ha. I thought it was a "Self Portrait"
Congrats, Tim. You certainly cleared the bar with this one. One Freak'n Fine Job, Freund.

Funny Police Traffic Elf

Police Traffic Elf
Member reactions:
Giant lady looks perfect to the guy, dont step on him

Funny Police Officer Directing Groot and a Racoon

Police Officer Directing Groot and a Racoon

Funny Police Directing JayWalking Zombies in New York

Police Directing JayWalking Zombies in New York
yeah you tell them, safety in traffic is there for all pedestrians, dead or alive. even undead.
Member reactions:
Hmm.that t-shirt..... only smiling zombie.
Excellent work, should have scored higher
I know... if i had put in a charicature of pres. obama i would have scored higher....

Funny Child Police Officer Puts Thug in Jail

Child Police Officer Puts Thug in Jail
Member reactions:
Crazy and stunning smile, cool posture and taken over the role of mob Vs officer is great deal
I knew it had to be U, is that a song. Congrads on the Gold Cup,
This is soooo darn cute, as always another super chop from the best, congrats.
Excellent chop. I am a bit confused about the gender of the criminal kid - the body seems to be male, but the face female
Newsey. Not a problem. I mistake the gender of little kids half the time myself. They are sort of A-cexual creatures until they can grow some hair. Thank you for the votes and the top cup. I was getting pretty depressed. Not used to 1 out of 17 gold wins. You all spoiled me in the past. Thanks be to Newsey, Hobbit, HoHouse, Bob, Doc, eric, Luciano, anurahaallu, balodiya, and andwhat
back the winning trophies again. congrats hits.
Thanks Jere, and Wanderer. You too Jere.
Brilliant Tim, Well done on winning the gold.

Funny Child Police Officer Pulling Over George Bush

Child Police Officer Pulling Over George Bush

Funny Police Capture and Alien Ship

Police Capture and Alien Ship
They chased and chased and chased some more, until it stopped on the opposite shore. It wasn't a duck they thought they sought, 'twas little spy drones the Pentagon bought
Member reactions:
Very cool and well done. I don't think you need the third guy.
Cool chop, could be much better without the third policeman.
The third guy is there to ad another layer of depth and frankly, because I just wanted to chop some more. . Joy of chopping and all that. You and Doc are of the same opinion so I am listening. One comment is opinion and has little weight. Two, is a yellow flag, three is consider changing immediately, right. . Thanks Swashbuckle balodiya, sai, anuradhaallu (is that African name.) Sulli (welcome back ) Pat, and Doc.
Silver congrats, Tim. For me, the third guy is a distraction because you have so much other stuff going on.
Now I do have to laugh at that comment coming from you Doc He who had more things spinning round in his chops than any chopper I know hahahahaha. Anyyway thanks, pal. If you ever Wondered if a low karma of 1 can make a difference in the winner or looser in these contests, check out the scores between myself and Jere. In the end, I believe it was Newsy that that cast the final vote that moved Jere into the top spot but it was some voter with a ksrma of 1 that gave this chop a 5 that ultimately decided it. So there you go. it happens. I scored 8.424 Jere scored 8.427... closest I have ever seen.
I think Paul meant to say, you have so much other Great stuff going on Congrats on the Silver, Hits.
Yep. I didn't take offence I just thought the comment amusing since we both like to load up our chops with extras, Paul more than me. I think the root at the actual comments though not stated is the third guy in not actually large enough to be in correct perspective. I should have enlarged him, pulled him back a few inches and nobody would have really even noticed. Live and learn.... in my case, learn again. I studied these basics over 40m years ago and still repeat the same mistakes. That tells ya something hahahahahah. Thanks Champ. PS. Thanks for the 10, Champ.

Funny Police Catching a Swan

Police Catching a Swan
This Saturday we continue out freaking experiment with provided stock images. Today's photo is a scene from the British action comedy parody film "Hot Fuzz" (2007). Photoshop this photo of British police officers attempting to catch a swan any way you wish.

Funny San Marino Traffic Police

San Marino Traffic Police
The Republic of San Marino is the oldest surviving sovereign state in the world, founded on 3 September 301. It separated from the Roman Empire and remains one of the smallest countries in Europe with the population of about 30,000. San Marino is surrounded by Italy and its official language is Italian. Despite the small size, San Marino's economy has been thriving since its foundation - it has the lowest unemployment rate in Europe, no national debt, and high budget surplus. Photoshop this photo of San Marino traffic police (image credit: Luigi Chiesa) - any way you wish.

Funny Transit Police

Transit Police
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of transit police woman any way you wish (image credit Cristina Cascais). Some examples are - re-dressing the transit police woman, designing a poster with this image of the transit police woman, putting this transit police woman into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Desert Police

Desert Police
Photoshop this desert police image (CLICK HERE to download) any way you wish. Examples may giving these desert policemen some clothes or objects, putting these desert policemen into some environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Andrea De Stefani and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Superhero Police

Superhero Police
Two policemen dressed in superhero outfits captured a suspected drugs offender. They pretended to be drunks looking for a costume party when they showed up at the suspects' door, and when he tried to run away, chased him, jumped over a fence and BIFF, POW, THWACK, arrested him. If by superhero costumes they mean wearing your underwear above your uniform, I'm all for it. This way it's easy to turn into a superhero real quick. In fact I am a super hero right now. In this contest you are asked to modify US police uniforms to give them elements of superheroes.

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