Polar Bear Mail
Polar Bear Mail
Polar Bear Mail. . Member reactions:
he looks so docile and hugable huh. , ty ur comments,
Oopsee rawks.Congrats on the bronze.

Funny Polar Bear with Al Gore Head

Polar Bear with Al Gore Head
Click to view sources . Member reactions:
I feel sorry for the polar bear to have to chew on that face.
I am amazed you pulled off such a fantastic chop with that crappy bear source. I used that once and didn't come close to recovering the quality you did.. I tip my hat.
you people make it so hard to judge. fantastic chop.... this is why I don't enter the freak show
Thank you, oh great one for these fantastic chops or should I say works of Art. Congrads on the threefer. As the straw man said, If I only had a Brain.
Cool FX in this one... My fave out of the 3.
hahahahahaaha, congrats on a well deserved clean sweep.
Thanks all, alternative titles
My California "Save-the-Polar Bears" friend got this one attached to an e-mail. Congrats on your multitude of Winning images.

Funny Obama Christmas Party with Polar Bears

Obama Christmas Party with Polar Bears
. Member reactions:
well they had to go SOMEWHERE after the polar caps melted.

Funny Polar Bear with a Snowboarder

Polar Bear with a Snowboarder
. Member reactions:
Polar bears are HUGE ... this guy must be a Giant.

Funny Child Watching Polar Bear

Child Watching Polar Bear

Funny Polar Bear Looking at Child Through Glass

Polar Bear Looking at Child Through Glass
. Member reactions:
Left hand touching the glass itīs a cool ideea .
Yes, the left hand touching the glass is a good idea, but the left harm is too long. Cool chop anyway.
thanks guys, I already pulled the left arm back a bit
I like the polar bear and the little girl touching the glass.
I like how you made her touch the glass too. Overall quality work

Funny Polar Bear in a Blond Wig

Polar Bear in a Blond Wig
. Member reactions:
roooooonma congrats on the woodie shes very regal
Congrats on the woody roonma, the color of the fur and the skin are a perfect match...

Funny Polar Bear Goose

Polar Bear Goose
Do I throw the fella some ol' bread or a steak.. Member reactions:
interesting morph, perhaps more delineation on the snout would help. (left side) NM sez one can edit during voting...
would have found a white dog with a long neck and two ears. good idea.

Funny Polar Bear Frozen in Ice

Polar Bear Frozen in Ice
. Member reactions:
This is really a nice entry and was a 7 to me. I would of thought it would of scored better.
Thanks rainman. this was one of my faves to make I have to say. however as always there were loads of fantastic pics in this one.

Funny Polar Bears Dreaming

Polar Bears Dreaming
Saving the bears on Earth Day.Sources. Member reactions:
Great mix of source. The Golden Compass rocked
Love the feeling of perspective here - the bear in the very front, the girl in the middle and another bear in the far background

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