Snow Plow Bocked the Driveway
Snow Plow Bocked the Driveway
Snow Plow Bocked the Driveway. source
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I got a entry pulled for the word doodie in it
Is that. ...Doodie Doodie. Or. Robot Modified Doodie.
Good satire, but please refrain from using such words

Funny LEGO Snow Plow

LEGO Snow Plow
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Quality work on the composition, color pattern match, blending, and shadows (which are done especially natural).
Where's he dumping that snow, on top the birdhouse.
Congratulations Ninha, very happy in see you taking part with such good images, their images were great , deserve the first placements.... Junka
Congratulations ninha you went very well
Congrats on placing first. Nice job, but just one itty-bitty critique: Tractors usually leave tracks in the snow. But when they're made of lightweight plastic blocks, I guess this gets a pass.

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