Halloween Playtime
Halloween Playtime
Halloween Playtime. Member reactions:
Now Chucky, give Woody back his Head and say"I'm Sorry". LoL, good one.
Congrats Fugit, knew this cutie was a winner...
Very nice and another great one fugit, Silver congrats.

Funny Post Apocalyptic Playtime

Post Apocalyptic Playtime
Member reactions:
Hey LC.... WB. Missed you. Excellent x 10. Congrats on the win as well.
Congrats on the win, I knew this would win, good chop.
Congrats, LunaC. A little different from your norm, but wonderfully contrived and processed.

Funny Playtime in the Fountain

Playtime in the Fountain
Member reactions:
Nicely put together sources from the past contests.

Funny Playtime Exhibition Pictures

Playtime Exhibition Pictures
Member reactions:
What Kellie said. Me wants to go to playground now.

Funny Playtime

Looks like Ducky doesn't want to share and is trying to keep the ball from his friends. Source
Member reactions:
the German helmet on the vulture.
looks like the bird in the army helmet is gonna steal it from him, poor Ducky.
Beautiful work, congratulations on the bronze.

Funny Playtime Digital Art

Playtime Digital Art
The setting is the view from the backyard of my last abode being a riverfront block of units on the Mooloola River. the characters have been reworked from earlier pieces.
Member reactions:
Great Art work seen the Jars were transported to the hole very funny
Hey Raj I consider most of these fantasy pieces as 'seeds' for a childrens books. I may not write them but it may inspire someone else to write a story.
That's what I told Sunshin3 months ago. WRITE a children's story/E-book and add the artwork.Sell it on your website for experimental purposes. What's to lose. A few bucks. Worth the effort.Anyway-like to see shapes that I can recognize and you are getting more lucid in your creations. Keep on keepin' on.

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