Grayman Senior Playstation Game
Grayman Senior Playstation Game
Grayman Senior Playstation Game.

Funny Geriatric Hitman Playstation Game

Geriatric Hitman Playstation Game

Funny Barack Obama and Michelle Playing Playstation

Barack Obama and Michelle Playing Playstation
Member reactions:
Both the VIPs were looking exactly has a normal couple enjoying their Sunday well done

Funny Playstation Stabbing

Playstation Stabbing
I feel so stupid. I didnt get this in for the News stories contest. Spent 3 days messing with it too. ugghh Italian teen stabs father in PlayStation row PLEASE SEE LARGE VIEW
Member reactions:
Thanks guys... I REALLY tried hard not to miss any reflections or shadows.
Glad you could enter it here - would be a shame to waste such a wonderful chop.

Funny Accordion Hero Seniors Playstation Game

Accordion Hero Seniors Playstation Game
Member reactions:
Clean work. Now I hear music playing in my head
Bronze melody for Sid. Congratulations, bud.
Got a good laugh out of this one....Congrats
Congrats sid. I've already got the prerelease of accordion hero and is expert tough.
awesome job.. cant beleive it got beat by that really ordinary mario kart one
u know its my privilege to get beat by rdy made sources... i tried, but i think slix is great so im not bothered the slightest
everyone has a different taste and i thought "senile hill" would get around the top 5 and this a hopeful close

Funny Albrecht Durer Playstation Gamer

Albrecht Durer Playstation Gamer

Funny Playstation 3 Bouguereau

Playstation 3 Bouguereau
Member reactions:
Nice job on matching texture of canvas to PS3. Perspective of PS3 box appears to be off a bit.

Funny PlayStation 3 - Leda Atomica

PlayStation 3 - Leda Atomica
As a fan of Dali's paintings, I pre-ordered my copy of "Leda Atomica: The Game". Now, I can't wait to play it on the PAYStation 3. The Original Painting Please View Full.
Member reactions:
Love all the details. Parental Guidance warning box is something

Funny Mother and Child PlayStation 3

Mother and Child PlayStation 3
Thanks Mom for the gift..i love you. your daughter, Sweet

Funny Playstation 3

Playstation 3
Pelagio Palagi's painting of 'Isaac Newton's Discovery of Christmas Joy' (1827) Original Full View is bigger.
Member reactions:
Very nice. Wish u success. -Edited by Moderator on 11/18/2006 7:40:41 PM
Great work. The light coming from the TV is great, love her bunny slippers, too.

Funny PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3
Sony's PlayStation 3 hits the stores in the US this Friday. Demand is by far exceeding supply of PS3 and gamers form long lines, up to 3 days in advance. Interesting thing about PS3 is that it sells for around $499 while it costs almost $806 to make. Why? Because gamers typically spend much more on Sony's PlayStation games once they buy a PlayStation. This is very much like buying golf clubs and spending a fortune on golf balls later. Same thing with PlayStation - once you start playing they get you by the balls. To mark the launch of Sony's PlayStation 3 you are asked to incorporate PlayStation into paintings.

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