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Funny Playing Pictures

playing with a lilliputian townFunny playing with a lilliputian town
Member reactions:

This is truly remarkable work... something different and innovative good view from the top
Hollywood effects stage hahahahaha excellent

Plays with DogFunny Plays with Dog
Member reactions:

Neat and clean job. Very sweet dog expression.
quality work done The Dog looks upset with his master
Nice work on the shadows. The man seems to need a litte more contrast.
Good sticky colors, nicely and gently merged his feet on grass
Congratz. Nice Work BlackX, love the dog.
Excellent, very nice work. Congrats. Here is a tip AZ Rainman turned me on to for just this sort of tough source image. highpass
thanks to all of you. Hitspinner, thanks for sharing. I'm really appreciate.

Sweet couple playing Elvis today!Funny Sweet couple playing Elvis today!
Member reactions:
Mr.President, are you sure we celebrate today Elvis Presley Birthday. King of Rock 'n' Roll
Hahaha, excellent. Though the shadows should be more evident and be cast from left to right (take a look at the shadows cast by the barriers)
Putin gives a perfect Elvis look but shadows did'nt but it was good

Nelson's contract and play with deathFunny Nelson's contract and play with death
Member reactions:

Creative chop, but he looks more like aged Obama here.
The face of the preparation, was used as a source of Obama's eyes. Nelson Mandela Source
Lots of work all around, face is very well merged and crisp work
Well illuminated and good background ... with a freaky smile infecting the world with peace and prosperity

Play BallFunny Play Ball
Member reactions:

Was Jon Lester Cheating.

JAIL? Hell, Aldon, you're PLAYING SundayFunny JAIL? Hell, Aldon, you're PLAYING Sunday
Member reactions:

You should have played betterFunny You should have played better
Member reactions:

Playing Obama Like A PuppetFunny Playing Obama Like A Puppet
Member reactions:

Putin has played Obama on the Syrian issue.
Amazing mix, clean work. I wonder if can get some shadows on puppets thread
Lol Obama looks more funnier in the pupper role.
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Newsy. Thanks, Tim.

Play it nice... or elseFunny Play it nice... or else
Member reactions:

You better play nice....
ha ha ha cute mind with heavy message. Seriously
well.. main thought: he is small isnīt he.

Tiger Woods plays with Baby Ball VendorFunny Tiger Woods plays with Baby Ball Vendor
Member reactions:

Tiger Woods looking for to many holes and it's his main problem.
This I thought was Doc or Wanderer doing Doc and I was right. You guys are so sneaky in this contest. Nice looking chop and funny. Cup Kudos
Wood congrats, Wanderer. Nice shadow work here.

Playing CardsFunny Playing Cards - The Wichita Falls Police Department has designed the special playing cards for their inmates. The cards feature details of unsolved crime cases, some dating back to 1980s. The police hope that inmates will recognize some cases and will help solve them by providing memories and details they know. All the information will be treated confidentially, and if it leads to solving a case, the reward of $1000 per case will be given. Such inmate playing card programs have been used with success in several cities. Photoshop existing playing cards, or design a new playing card of any kind. Some examples are: Queen Elton John, Joker Jay Leno, 7 of UP, King of Oil Exxon. Try to make your playing card customized for a person (company, etc.) depicted on it - e.g. Paris Hilton holding her chihuahua, Iranian President holding nukes, and so on. We will allow regular playing cards, Tarot cards, uno cards for the purposes on this contest, but you can photoshop and redesign them to have cards which are not in the original decks - e.g. "0 of Karma" regular playing card, or "Bankruptcy" Tarot card.

Ben Affleck Playing PockerFunny Ben Affleck Playing Pocker - Ben Affleck emerges as poker king? Photoshop Affleck playing at poker tournament. Showing what really helped him win the event is a plus.

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