Skeleton playing guitar
Skeleton playing guitar
Skeleton playing guitar. Member reactions:
Is that them Bones, from Starving Artist At FN.
Exellent. Elvis finally lost all that extra weight.
I saw him live at Woodstock, (I think, But I can't remember for sure)
Hidden. He used to be a member of this band (linked below) before he set out on his own in 1981. Dem Bones Dem Bones, Dem TromBones
Glad his ear didn't go away with the rest of his flesh. That would be tough on a musician. Really nice work on this. Looks like a winnah.
Thanks guys, and thanks for the video Byron. Never seen it before.
Thank you. Maybe he still has his tongue, eric.
Very creative, bad to the bone kinda chop.
Congrats on the gold, Jere. I thought it was a Funkwood.
Yes Hits. If you can't beat them, join them, hehe. Thanks guys and girl.
Congrats Jere.... Fantastic Image. Your bare bones approach to this contest worked out very well.
Thanks guys. This idea came from the "If They Were Alive Today"contest.
Beautifully spooky, I'd ask what it's all about but maybe I'm better off not knowing..

Funny Playing frisbee

Playing frisbee

Funny Harry and Emma play Quidditch.

Harry and Emma play Quidditch.
Prince Harry and Emma having fun playing Quidditch at Hogwarts. Have added highlights Lucian
Member reactions:
Good one. Just give some more light to both bodies.


Member reactions:
I love the idea of putting the other two on his knee.

Funny Ahmadinejad And Pelosi Play A Video Game

Ahmadinejad And Pelosi Play A Video Game
Sure looks like they're both enjoying playing a video game.
Member reactions:
Congratulations Paul. I thought this would win.
Great thinking behind this chop, and great blending too. Congrats on the bronze, Paul.

Funny Wanna play?

Wanna play?
I think the Queen prefers the computer-made one better.
Member reactions:
Alright Bob,,, 5 wOOTs for a top 5 trophy
Really fitting and excellently cloned and integrated, Bob. Congrats on top 5.
Top5congrats, Bob. Very well done. Great Chopping.
Congrats first 5, MsgtBob.
Pretty damn good. Congrats on top 5, Bob.

Funny Sax Play

Sax Play
For Republicans need to play two years
Member reactions:
DeMint: 'Obama has lost contact with reality'
Nice Collection of the characters. Mr Obama looks very young.
Could be great but Obama's head is so small.....
Lots of work here, but for my tastes, it's everything but the kitchen sink. If it'd just been the aliens with saxophones, it would have been more likely to win, I think. Ah, I could be wrong.

Funny Let's play tango

Let's play tango
Member reactions:
Hahahahaah Geriatric. It could happen. You watch, after 2016 Obama will turn into the biggest publicity ho there ever was Yep, mighty clean chop
Very well done. I've heard Obama is very unpopular in the States but as a Canadian, I still like him.
Great One Lu. But in real life I don't think Michelle's hips could fit inside that dress.

Funny Playing Through...

Playing Through...
Can you spot the Secret Service Agent in this photo.
Member reactions:


Member reactions:
Love the cat Dear. (heavy British accent)

Funny Playing Cards

Playing Cards
The Wichita Falls Police Department has designed the special playing cards for their inmates. The cards feature details of unsolved crime cases, some dating back to 1980s. The police hope that inmates will recognize some cases and will help solve them by providing memories and details they know. All the information will be treated confidentially, and if it leads to solving a case, the reward of $1000 per case will be given. Such inmate playing card programs have been used with success in several cities. Photoshop existing playing cards, or design a new playing card of any kind. Some examples are: Queen Elton John, Joker Jay Leno, 7 of UP, King of Oil Exxon. Try to make your playing card customized for a person (company, etc.) depicted on it - e.g. Paris Hilton holding her chihuahua, Iranian President holding nukes, and so on. We will allow regular playing cards, Tarot cards, uno cards for the purposes on this contest, but you can photoshop and redesign them to have cards which are not in the original decks - e.g. "0 of Karma" regular playing card, or "Bankruptcy" Tarot card.

Funny Ben Affleck Playing Pocker

Ben Affleck Playing Pocker
Ben Affleck emerges as poker king? Photoshop Affleck playing at poker tournament. Showing what really helped him win the event is a plus.

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