The chicken player
The chicken player
The chicken player.

Funny `Dallas` Players Club

`Dallas` Players Club
Better learn Spanish...and developing a taste for tacos wouldn't hurt either.
Member reactions:
Excellent idea. The Car paint job is a tad rough though

Funny invisible soccer players

invisible soccer players

Funny Dart player

Dart player
Member reactions:
Technically a great chop, but pity to see the cruelness to the poor bird
Perfect work... looks realistic well done
Awesome work... Love the dark humor... great.
Bronze congrats, luciano. But why did you have to use an African Grey parrot as a target.
lucianomorelli congratulations.. Poor Birdy...


Member reactions:
Good caricature... like the texture of the skin
Great job DDB. You did not loose his likeness at all. Eric, here is a tutorial to create these things... Face Modification

Funny Gandalf player

Gandalf player

Funny Zombie Banjo Player

Zombie Banjo Player
Member reactions:
Perfect look given to him as a zombie.... the way he is playing the music looks real and the Dog is crazy to eat him
The dog is freaking scary. So is Obama. Congrats on the wood, DD.

Funny Rugby Player Being Blessed by the Pope

Rugby Player Being Blessed by the Pope
Getting Blessed by Dope Biden before the Game….
Member reactions:
Well finished.... the player looks blessed by the Dope
Perfect merge great molding to make this looks original. cool idea

Funny Invisible Rugby Player

Invisible Rugby Player
Member reactions:
Nice work of invisible mode.... good effects and a freaky dog look given well done
Freaking brilliant chop, Phantom scared that Dog . Awesome hollow man work

Funny Rugby Player of the Year Trophy

Rugby Player of the Year Trophy
Member reactions:
Awesome idea of creating the source pic as a Trophy full marks to it appreciated your creativity good one with sparkling effects
Best utilization of the source to show this amazing concept of Trophy. Good starry effect to the Golden Prize very nice work
Awesome texture work. Silver congrats, Tracy.

Funny Rugby Players

Rugby Players
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of the Rugby players any way you wish. (Image credit: PierreSelim). Some examples are - rearrange the Rugby players so they perform some acrobatic stunts, make them play with unusual objects, use the image in sports posters. These are just some ideas.

Funny Rugby Player

Rugby Player
Rugby is a style of football played in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Besides differences in the rules between rugby and football, rugby players do not use any protective wear like American football players do. Non-professional rugby matches are often played on weekends in England, followed by a big meal with sausages, beans, and beer. Photoshop this photo of rugby player (image credit Pierre Selim) any way you wish.

Funny Didgeridoo Street Player

Didgeridoo Street Player
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source photos. The didgeridoo comes from Australia, where aboriginals developed it 1500 years ago and used it as their main musical instrument for dancing, and in tribal war attacks to encourage their warriors (much like the African vuvuzela). These days the didgeridoo is mainly used by self-taught street players to make a quick buck, and by protesters - In 2011 Occupy Wall Street had several "self-taught" didgeridoo protesters that were finally removed by the police for causing too much noise. Photoshop this photo of Didgeridoo street player (image credit Tomer_T) any way you wish.

Funny Football Players

Football Players
Let's help the Super Bowl advertising community out (not like they need it). Create images of football players with an advertising angle. Start with an NFL player (old or new) and integrate some advertising!

Funny Fat Sports Players

Fat Sports Players
What if sports stars couldn't control their weight? It's "fatten them up" time! Fatten and enlarge professional sports players.

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