Childs play
Childs play
Childs play. Member reactions:
Hahaha, love it. Everyone can recognize that lil popping head.
Thought this one might win. Very well done and congrats on the double cups
Congrats, Again Evirio. Great work on the face textures.
This was a funny answer to deaddog's chop on last contest, where the role are reversed (no politics here).

Funny playing with a couple of friends

playing with a couple of friends
putin ,playing with a couple of friends
Member reactions:
Strange friends hahaah Congrats on the cup Elegary

Funny Mona Lisa Playing Guitar

Mona Lisa Playing Guitar
* Gioconda ZZ Top Bruegel party, summer party
Member reactions:
This Mona totally and literally ROCKS. Congrats on the silver, lucido.

Funny Tiger playing with Politicians

Tiger playing with Politicians
Hello there.. This is my..... My first submit
Member reactions:
Nice first entry. as MsgtBob would say "Welcome to the addiction"
Me likes a lot. Welcome to the site, redobject. First entry - first trophy, - great start.

Funny Invisible Man Playing Soccer

Invisible Man Playing Soccer
Member reactions:
Boy you picked a great source. Nicely done Luciano

Funny Prince Harry playing in FIFA World Cup 2018

Prince Harry playing in FIFA World Cup 2018
King of English Russian Sports Minister Мuтко says "No problem, no criminality in Russia".
Member reactions:
Sepp Blatter to resign as FIFA president Goodbye Sepp. FIFA will be cleaned up and sanitized after you.
Russia and Qatar World Cup's are questionable now.

Funny Prince Harry Playing Soccer with Bear

Prince Harry Playing Soccer with Bear

Funny Putin and Obama playing soccer

Putin and Obama playing soccer
Putin blames the USA for the FIFA Soccer scandal
Member reactions:
Top job. Love how you fused the ball. The jerseys are nice
Threesome chop Hilarious to see the spark football

Funny Prince Harry Playing Soccer with Monkey

Prince Harry Playing Soccer with Monkey
Member reactions:
The ball and monkey were already in the picture, I just added Harry, didn't pay attention to the big ball.

Funny Prince Harry Playing Soccer with Dog

Prince Harry Playing Soccer with Dog
Member reactions:
Ball looks like it is flying out of the picture.

Funny Prince Harry Playing Soccer

Prince Harry Playing Soccer
Do you remember how years ago Prince Harry would shame Windsor Castle by his actions (wearing Nazi uniform, partying and drinking, hiring strippers)? Well, it's all a thing of the past now, Harry says, as a decade in the army made him a better man and kept him out of trouble. "Now I choose sports instead of parties, I am not a spoiled kid anymore", he said. Photoshop this image of Prince Harry playing soccer any way you wish.

Funny Playing Cards

Playing Cards
The Wichita Falls Police Department has designed the special playing cards for their inmates. The cards feature details of unsolved crime cases, some dating back to 1980s. The police hope that inmates will recognize some cases and will help solve them by providing memories and details they know. All the information will be treated confidentially, and if it leads to solving a case, the reward of $1000 per case will be given. Such inmate playing card programs have been used with success in several cities. Photoshop existing playing cards, or design a new playing card of any kind. Some examples are: Queen Elton John, Joker Jay Leno, 7 of UP, King of Oil Exxon. Try to make your playing card customized for a person (company, etc.) depicted on it - e.g. Paris Hilton holding her chihuahua, Iranian President holding nukes, and so on. We will allow regular playing cards, Tarot cards, uno cards for the purposes on this contest, but you can photoshop and redesign them to have cards which are not in the original decks - e.g. "0 of Karma" regular playing card, or "Bankruptcy" Tarot card.

Funny Ben Affleck Playing Pocker

Ben Affleck Playing Pocker
Ben Affleck emerges as poker king? Photoshop Affleck playing at poker tournament. Showing what really helped him win the event is a plus.

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