2014 Car Number Plate
2014 Car Number Plate
2014 Car Number Plate. Best wishes to everybody my friends .
Member reactions:
would have been better if you used a new (2014) sports car. Nice work.

Funny Pepper Snakes on a Plate

Pepper Snakes on a Plate
Member reactions:
Mindblowing job done and nice concept puton by the freaking today Clean work done here
Amazing conversion of Green Chilli into a snake head..... great texture applied and the big brother peeping out of the bottle is awesome
Yikes. I think I'll pass on the Pepper Snakes, thanks.
Its so chilli and hot work...full of Poison clapping for the professionalized chop
Bronze congrats, Lady Sunshine. Nice to have you back.
congrats on your bronze win sunshine...good to see you back
Thanks Pcr, Geriatric, Robin , Funkwood I always feel good to be here

Funny Joe Lieberman Caricature with Dung on a Plate

Joe Lieberman Caricature with Dung on a Plate
Member reactions:
Classic**** Political Satire at its Best...
Yikes...and yet another superb piece of work.
Nice work on the face, with board head and full of wrinkles, good job and what is that stuff he is serving ...
Yummy OMG
Thumbs Up. To Your 3Fur.
Oh, and yet another fantastic caricaturization good sir how very fortunate for me to have found myself "in the thick of it" as they say, indeed an honor. Silver Congrats.
Another caricature masterpiece. Congrats on the silver too, Rodney.

Funny Man with Burning Money on a Plate

Man with Burning Money on a Plate
he known as rainman and some time as billionaire oil
Member reactions:
, you don't know me at all about fiat and macroeconomics
Nice, but I'm trying to figure out what this has to do with the story link.
"Make that two Flaming-Franklins & a Beer, Waiter." HUH. I don't get it either...
its 23 may jokes huh . sure not . hi mark pcrdds , geritatric thanks . idk how 2 explan but r u sure u read at less the first line . ( Who’s to blame for oil’s latest run above $100 and the resulting pain at the pump for Americans ) .
I guess that's the money Rainman got from winning contests
Hahaha, that look on the Rain's face. Good job.
what my teacher doing up there . cool work

Funny Barack Obama Standing on Ejection Plate

Barack Obama Standing on Ejection Plate

Funny California Number Plate

California Number Plate
Member reactions:
Mega cool plate

Funny Pig Head on a Plate

Pig Head on a Plate

Funny The Great Wall of China Plates

The Great Wall of China Plates
This one is made out of real China.
Member reactions:
Very ambitious concept. Perspective on round plates are tough. Good wan.
Congrats on your first Gold Trophy. Great concept and execution.
Congratulations on your first advanced gold trophy, Tarkus - well deserved.
congrats on first place like you wanted. and i took second as you guessed . Nice work.
Congrats. I was working on the very same idea but didnt finish in time. Just as well as I think this is better
Golden congrats. Excellent idea and nicely done

Funny Star Wars License Plate

Star Wars License Plate

Funny Busy Mom's License Plate

Busy Mom's License Plate
Member reactions:
Holly crap, I need that plate. by the way, is this your car.

Funny License Plates

License Plates
Americans are getting more creative at choosing their license plates. Most states offer hundreds of customized plates to choose from, but the key is to choose the combination of numbers and letters that would send a message. The results can be quite amazing. Design a creative license plate. Here's a good example. Think of what creative license plates would match some celebrities or politicians.

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