Two Robert Plants
Two Robert Plants
Two Robert Plants. Member reactions:
The right plant isn't getting the right fertilizer.

Funny Norm Peterson's Energizer Beer Plant

Norm Peterson's Energizer Beer Plant
Member reactions:
Now the secret reveals behind the power of every battery

Funny Women Walking Through Plants Digital Art

Women Walking Through Plants Digital Art
Digital Art.
Member reactions:
Nice Idea and great painting, Hidden. Super recognition Armatien.

Funny Woman Standing by an Elephant Plant Digital Art

Woman Standing by an Elephant Plant Digital Art
Mixed Media

Funny Skeleton Crew at the Nuclear Plant

Skeleton Crew at the Nuclear Plant
Member reactions:
Hats off to the brilliant skeleton chop, very nicely molded the mask and concept is freaking out of the box. Those scary background stuff are cream to the horrific situation
Where do you get all this inspiration from. Your head must be full of uhh,,, never mind.... Grats Bro.
Thanks all. Gummy... Inspiration doesn't always come easy to me. But when I do get it, it usually starts with a small idea that I built off of to create an epic adventure.

Funny Robert Plant the Led Zeppelin King

Robert Plant the Led Zeppelin King
Robert Plant. Number One on the WTF-O-Meter.
Member reactions:
Excellent, but one thing...the crown looks like it's pasted on the front of his head instead of sitting on top of it.
Ahhhh, yes, it is very loosely placed indeed. There is a reason for that. Hint: Think of what Robert Plant did recently that could jeopardize his crown. Thanks Doc. Check Current news
TY Sulliishire, You bring much needed hope
Ha ha ha look at his face... full of anger and ready to rule quality chop
Great caricature, like the face and eye color
As always, top notch work, congrats on the win.
Thanks for the comments and votes, Champ, Luciano. Eric. For those of you that might be a wee bit out of the loop, Lead singer (Robert Plant) for Led Zeppelin turned down an $800,000,000.00 contract to get the band back together for a summer tour. He is indisputably rock & roll royalty so I put a squirrel in his crown signifying he's crazy and the crown in a position where it is ready to fall... due to his infinitely unpopular decision to not accept the more than generous offer from Sir. Richard Branson. In retrospect it would have been less confusing to show the crown actually falling with like a motion blur or something Also thanks to Gummy, Hobbit and Elegary
Congratulations, Hit-man. Great Caricature Face. I agree a bit crazy to turn down 800M.
Thanks Bob, Doc and SS. Well, my jaw went slack. I had to reread the number a few times just to make sure my eyes weren't malfunctioning. My God, I would perform ... with a monkey humping my head, and an aardvark surgically attached to my rump all in front of the pope for 800 Mil. No way I could turn that down, Jeeeeeepers.
Immaculate work Hit,great Robert Plant and vibrant colors.Bronze congrats my friend
TY Hobbit & LC As long as you happy I happy.
Nice caricature of Robert Plant, Hits. Congrats on the bronze.

Funny Bill and Hillary Clinton Planting Crops

Bill and Hillary Clinton Planting Crops
Member reactions:
Both look good as farm laborers a perfect past time job for their rest of life

Funny The Little Pot Plant by Willy Nelson

The Little Pot Plant by Willy Nelson
Member reactions:
Great...very funny and the drawing.
Quality cover art work, but to take it a step further I would show this on some book.

Funny Homer Simpson Sent to Japan Nuclear Plant

Homer Simpson Sent to Japan Nuclear Plant
Member reactions:
The Best People. Janpan people are the best at any thing.

Funny Japanese Nuclear Plant Leak

Japanese Nuclear Plant Leak
news story
Member reactions:
Clean chop and straight to the point...nice job.

Funny Potted Plant

Potted Plant
Photoshop this potted plant image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: merging this potted plant with some other objects, putting alternative plants or objects in the pot, using this potted plant image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Michal Zacharzewski and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Plant - Animal Hybrids

Plant - Animal Hybrids
Leaf Insects, and "Stick Insects" are two species of animal kingdom which are the best mimics of plants in their natural habitat. Through the evolution they changed their shape and color to match the changing plants. Considered the freaks of nature, these insects, sometimes called "walking leafs" and "walking sticks", are getting popular to be kept as pets. Photoshop hybrids of animals and plants. Note that simple camouflage paint jobs are not enough - you need to have elements of shape and texture merged across plants and animals. This is a broad contest and we will allow any species of animals (except humans), as well as all varieties of plants including trees, flowers, fruits and vegetables. For some inspiration browse our previous hybrid animals contest.

Funny Animals and Plants

Animals and Plants
It is time to discover new marine animals or plants. Create images of never before seen funny animals from the ocean. Alternatively photoshop new plants that will soon be found by biologists.

Funny High-Tech plants

High-Tech plants
What's next in the world of high-tech plants? Using any type of flora - bushes, flowers, etc. create a new high-tech plant.

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