Find the Potted Plant Game
Find the Potted Plant Game
Find the Potted Plant Game. A fun game of find this item brought to you by FreakingNews Added the potted plant to the item list and hid it within the scene Full View Is A Must,See If You Can Find It
Member reactions:
Is it hiding in plain sight or do I need new glasses.
its not right out in the open but you definatly dont need new glasses ,maybe u can ask roadrunner for a hint
GO to bed it 3:18 am western US time, I was only kidding
Freaking hilarious. Thanks for the laughs.

Funny Elephant Bonsai Plant

Elephant Bonsai Plant
Member reactions:
I like how you made a routine bonsai plant 'unroutine.'
Good job -- I like . But I always thought the elephant grew from another plant. Mebbe I got to go back to school again ....
seems to be a small issue with lighting in my opinion. The highlighted side of the elephant appears to be facing the wrong way compared to the background and the plant.
I often use multiple light sources in my chops if it suits my purposes. Sometimes I'll use a warm yellow light from one direction and a cool blue from another. It works great. All that said, cool chop..
Nice fantasy composition here. Mint execution too

Funny Bike Jumping Over Cactus Plants

Bike Jumping Over Cactus Plants
You have to land sooner or painfully.

Funny Happy Cactus Plants

Happy Cactus Plants
Member reactions:
As usual, mom and daughter never keep their mouths shut.

Funny Flowering Cacti Plants

Flowering Cacti Plants

Funny Huge Bird over Nuclear Plant

Huge Bird over Nuclear Plant
Member reactions:
What can I say - the colors and the composition is awesome. Love the nuclear hummingbird sign
Nice work, the green slime is a nice touch.
Congrtas Kratos I like that one better than the clown cloud.
. i love the green in the hummingbirds eye. very realistic. =D

Funny Penelope Cruz Pot Plant

Penelope Cruz Pot Plant
Member reactions:
Clever concept and execution, except the front arm gets blurry at one place

Funny Kristen Stewart Plant

Kristen Stewart Plant
Member reactions:
Two out four isn't bad when there's 70 entries, congratulations for your top chops.
Well, it did get woody after all Congrats pree.
More stunning color. great work pree. congratsx2

Funny Smoke From Nuclear Plant in Japan

Smoke From Nuclear Plant in Japan
Member reactions:
Good choice of story, Great chop. Love the puffing reactor

Funny Man Grabbing Onto a Tiny Plant To Keep Falling From a Cliff

Man Grabbing Onto a Tiny Plant To Keep Falling From a Cliff
Member reactions:
Doesn't look like a real marijuana leaf, plenty on googgle.
... for once I was actually referring to an actual random weed haha, not the magical mystical tour type

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