Girl Walking on a Plank Watching Dog Training
Girl Walking on a Plank Watching Dog Training
Girl Walking on a Plank Watching Dog Training. Spending the day with dad,training the dogs for competition.
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This is a really fun image with all the dogs doing something interesting. The motion blur on the dachshund and the disco dog is really good.
I would add the sun - should improve your good shadowing.
I added the sun, how does it look now. I, think better...thanks, TiredTom.
Better, but not excectly what I was thinking of. Did you add/change the sky or was it part of your background. - Think of an afternoon sky with the sun... that would work fine here.
But, wouldn't that throw my shadows out of sync...if I moved it from where it's at. Did nothing to the sky...but add the sun.
Ok, you got me... Position works well like it is. By the way: here is an example for a sun/sky I thought of.
Ok, I see what you mean and I'll keep it in mind for the next time. Thanks again, TiredTom I really do appreciate your input and feedback. Since I've on this site you've given me the most help,besides guys are the best,Thank you.

Funny Planking at the Beach

Planking at the Beach
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All but 6 used before at one time or the other, recycling good.
Haha, very good. My fav is the planking guy in the center.

Funny Penguin Planking Over City

Penguin Planking Over City
A bit late but I thought I'd finish it.
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Hahaha, excellent piece. Glad you could submit it here

Funny Barack Obama Planking on Pirate Ship

Barack Obama Planking on Pirate Ship

Funny Family Planking on Killer Whales

Family Planking on Killer Whales
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Looks Great, nice family like the concept
Thanks, Chili. thanks, PixJockey. Thanks, BOULPIX. Thanks, Fido.

Funny Sumo Planking on an Orange

Sumo Planking on an Orange
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Nice job, should be rating higher.
Congrats on the wood Roby , great chop ....

Funny Animal Planking

Animal Planking
Horse planking
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Excellent Concept, nice quality, this could be the one, all the best
Genius. Superb concept, and the planking horse in the middle absolutely rocks.
thank you all for the nice comments and votes

Funny Rocket Man Planking on Sputnik

Rocket Man Planking on Sputnik
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Haha, j'ai dû recevoir une traduction. Merci pour le commentaire. :0
passion986, rajeshstar, balodiya, thank you.
Thanks much, pcrdds, pixjockey and boulpix.

Funny Extreme Plank Horse Riding

Extreme Plank Horse Riding

Funny Joe Biden Planking in Oval Office with Obama

Joe Biden Planking in Oval Office with Obama
He kinda misunderstood the concept. Addendum: Planking Wikipedia definition of planking (fad).
Member reactions:
I don't quite get it but visually it's a nice chop.
Google "planking." Its a fad of the moment. (Note: I just added link.)
I think planking is face down, why don't you put him on the desk. or hang on is that what you meant by 'misunderstood the concept.
Biden does not know the right way. That is the concept like you said.
i love this one very cool blend doxieone ..

Funny Planking

Do you know what "planking" is? No, it is not a new behavior reported among Australia's Yowies, but a social media phenomenon that is going global this week. Aussie enthusiast Daniel Hoppin took this phenomenon online. "We started lying down in bars and clubs to try to spin people out. So we began a Facebook group to see who could get the craziest photo.", says Hoppin. Currently, there is social tension about whether it is humorous, stupid, dangerous, or creative. That aside, the Facebook images tend to be funny, remarkable, or dangerous-looking. Unfortunately planking craze already claimed its first victim this week, when a person attempted a planking stunt on his balcony and fell to his death. Be very careful with planking! Photoshop anything related to planking stunts.

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