Busy Landing On Planet Ork
Busy Landing On Planet Ork
Busy Landing On Planet Ork. It's Mork from Ork,ALF,and the 80's Tom Cruise.R.I.P Robin Williams.
Member reactions:
Great wild colors and fun alluring chop. To see the background thru the glass bubbles would throw it over the top for me.
Close, and you still get a Cigar, you go Girl
Thanks dd,Luciano,Ho,Wanderer and rajeshstar

Funny from Planet Pi

from Planet Pi
Member reactions:
Nice texture work and that little bit of purple is great.

Funny Dali paints Ice Planet Hoth

Dali paints Ice Planet Hoth
Member reactions:
Super Work, Vicspa. Nicely Done. One of best and in my top picks.
Hmmmmm red hot to snow blue at-ats.. Good thinking 99... Good work too.

Funny Robot Girl on a Distant Planet

Robot Girl on a Distant Planet
full view plz(see original version)..
Member reactions:
Congrats on the the gold canine.My favorite in the completion ,nice build
Thanks, Karar (K9). Double Gold, Great Idea. Double the voters and comments too, and we'd be in high cotton then. Not sure what the high cotton will do for us, but it sounds cool I hope you realize my disgruntlement is in no-way directed at you. You have a wonderfully creative and inspiring image. I immediately did research on 'how to create a cyborg' the moment I saw it. I just love it. Keep up the great work my friend. Your Robot Girl is Beautiful. I want one.

Funny Boy on Planet 9

Boy on Planet 9
Ninth planet may have been discovered, researchers say

Funny Stars Wars in Planet of the Apes

Stars Wars in Planet of the Apes

Funny Boy Driving an Imagination Lander on a Strange Planet

Boy Driving an Imagination Lander on a Strange Planet
Stay young, have a great holiday and be charitable with your votes
Member reactions:
Gold 201 Congrats, Master Hitspinner. Amazing work here.
Ahhhhhh, belly full, all is good. Thank you Andrew, Luciano, Balodiya, PSM, Crafty, Hobbit, Old School, and Andwhat. I hope ypu all had a great day.
Gold congrats Hitspinner,This was a for me,absolutely amazing piece of art work
Thank you AW. Sometimes we get lucky and they come together as planned
"as planed". You mean we're suppose to have a plan.
Yes, until they change because we didn't stick to the plan. Then it becomes sawdust soup

Funny Astronaut Exploring a Surreal Planet

Astronaut Exploring a Surreal Planet
Be forever young
Member reactions:
Interesting 3D look. That's a great intimidating Shark perspective.
TY Hobbit and SplatShot. This is a new effect here. The background is Notre Dame cathedral processed in a fragment and melting filter, Vivacity and Topaz sharpening. The effect is pretty impressive to me like an ice cavern for sea monkeys or something. .
VERY nice. Would love to know how you acheived the painterly effects.
Thank you LC, Nanny, Joan, Gummy and Crafty. LC, I will see what I can do. The first two filters are proprietary to ARCSoft but I have seen something similar in PS. I will snoop around and see what converts or translates. I am sure I can get close
Congrats, Hits. Super Image. This could have easily taken the top spot.
Drat, lost my Dell monitor this morning. Went to the thrift store and found 2 Sony flat screens for $3.00 and $8.00. Just hooked up the $3.00 and am on it right now. Nice screen... a bit smaller but sharper image than the Dell. My jaw is slack. Cool, I needed a break. Thanks for the comments and votes. One tries out new stuff and hope it sticks. I wasn't even going to enter this contest but got all inspired by a 3 year old friend. This is for him. Doc, Coolkat, Gum, Hobbit and Evirio.... many thanks.
Congrats on the Bronze. Cool surrealism.
Impressive piece, Hits. Congrats on the bronze.
LunaC, here is as close as I could come in photoshop Wind, Ocean Ripple and Sprayed Strokes

Funny Pluto Planet with Satellite

Pluto Planet with Satellite
I didn't want to include this in the "News In Pictures" contest because there was already an entry dealing with the same subject.
Member reactions:
I'd like to hear scientists explain that one.
Awesome chop, should have scored higher. ( No problem having more than one chop on the same topic either - it happens quite often)

Funny USA Invasion of Alien Planet

USA Invasion of Alien Planet
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Now we are talking strange hahahaaha cool chop.

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