Bruce Willis And Wife Trade Places
Bruce Willis And Wife Trade Places
Bruce Willis And Wife Trade Places.

Funny The Obamas Trade Places on the Dance Floor

The Obamas Trade Places on the Dance Floor
Member reactions:
I love how you did the both, especially Barack, but Michelle's face seems to have bleached shadows somehow - looks like the contrast levels need adjustment.

Funny Elvis Presley Statue In Place of the Statue of Liberty

Elvis Presley Statue In Place of the Statue of Liberty
Ever dreamed of seeing a very large statue of Elvis, where everyone could see from afar.
Member reactions:
Superb chop - you brought the separate sources in harmony of light and colors. Looks real.
Thank you my friends.

Funny Man Placing a Real Starfish in a Painting

Man Placing a Real Starfish in a Painting
Member reactions:
Nice work... May I just say that I am not sure that you need the two starfish in the ocean (to the left).
Thanks,diamonds. I have them there on purpose. Because the artist is returning the one,back to with them so they can be all together again. Again,Thanks for your input.
Oh, OK, thanks for explaining I really do like your work here.
Nice use of the ocean source
This is marvelous lot of work seen so well done hats off to your creativity

Funny Stone Fire Place

Stone Fire Place

Funny Totonto Clodest Place in Canada

Totonto Clodest Place in Canada
This particular event reminded me of the time when conan obrien went to toronto and teased the heck out of anyone from montreal,or quebec for that matter. And yes he had triumph the insult talking dog there too.The snowmans name is Bonhomme,and he is the mascot for the quebec winter carnival.
Member reactions:
90 Degrees and Sunny in Toronto today, nice chop
Canada's own version of Godzilla. Nice work.
i,m so sorry disaterman,I saw that your profile said you are from toronto,so i,m like OMG....ooppps..i got the idea from a sign you post on the highway,those huge billboard ones. anyway, the add was in vancouver,you know...destroy the city because the hockey team choked....anyways the sign for this beer add said that the beer was just as cold as it was in toronto. I used to live in victoria for about 7 years then i moved back to the east between postings
In the Winter time it gets pretty cold here....too many days where its 20 below....thank god for the Summer time
Wonderful piece, congrats on the bronze, Robin.

Funny Barack Obama's True Birth Place

Barack Obama's True Birth Place
Member reactions:
This little boy, just started the 2012 election campaign. Hysterical chop.
Thanks, Newsy. Yes, the little boy is to blame. .
Congratulations Doc. You always bring a smile with your bag of tricks-thanks.
congrats on the silver...great entry=medal. peace
Thanks, ChipMcFarlane. Thanks, PSHoudini.

Funny A Good and Nobel Place

A Good and Nobel Place
News Source This is the hospital where Hitspinner's grandaughter went and it is her featured in the chop
Member reactions:
Lovely pic and Trina is so precious. Thank God she's ok and for the burn center.
Thank you. She is good, read the news story if you like. It is not world class news but it's pretty decent.
That's whats kool about FN creating Art from Beauty.
Really sweet chop-good luck.My empathy & sympathy to you, HS. I burned myself at 2 yrs. old with the mishandling of a hot coffee pot. Mom drenched me in liquid 'Foille' and I, eventually, lived to meet Hopalong Cassidy at the local Children's Hospital(a good thing). Then I was burned by JP-5 in S.E. Asia (30%) and lived. I hurt, dearly, for a long time and that's where the empathy/sympathy comes from. Good luck to your Daughter.
Ohhh, Sorry Geriatric. You sure have had your bout's with fire. I have only had amazing luck and gotten out of scrapes I probably should not have during my years as a firefighter. Was never burned bad at all but can enpathize with you and Trina. Her's is a very happy ending and the main reason I chose the news story they did on her. Since you are still among us, I am delighted that you story has a happy ending as well. Peace
Firefighter. At least your Daughter was in good hands-that's real Luck. Stay safe HS.
not daughter --> grandaughter. I was 100 miles away when it happened but she was well cared for by EMS people in Ridgecrest. That is one thing you can say about the EMS system in this country. The training is so strict and standardized you will get excellent care just about anywhere.
I stand corrected and am happy to hear that something works in this country. And your image was well done and a keeper in my FN library of outstanding Art. Thanks for the dialogue HS.
No, thank you. Comments and discourse are always welcome. That is why I try to keep up a level of chatter even though I sometimes dont feel like it due to less than friendly input. Of course that is rare as hen's teeth but chitt happens. I'm not sure if people are timid, afraid they might not appear understood due to language difference or just don't care to say anything but I think a place is as friendly as the people that go there so I yack . Once Vlad figures out how to serve saspirilla, coffee and beer it will be the perfect meeting place
I'm gonna figure it out one, day, Hits. Great chop of Trina. Blessings to her and wishes of fast recovery. and something in the way she looks reminds me of you.
. amazing lighting effects, tough competition in this contest

Funny Party at Storks Place

Party at Storks Place

Funny Easy Place

Easy Place
nice to fishing
Member reactions:
am i the only one who sees a pair of ... in the reflection.

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