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Funny Pizza Pictures

A Pepperoni Pizza Funny A Pepperoni Pizza
Member reactions:
Sorry but pepperonis are a lot extra.
I thought this would win. It is so basic, perfect . Oh well not the first or last time I called it wrong.

Pizza Delivery And MoreFunny Pizza Delivery And More
Member reactions:

Pizza delivery guy admits to going into customers' homes and smoking pot with them.
What's this. Do you mean to tell me that a pizza delivery boy may be smoking pot. damn, what's this world coming to. Next thing ya know Grandma will be getting a Rx for it too.
Now Newsy delivering Pizzas instead of top pic stars for the chops good one
Pizza and pot smoking... ahh good ole college days. Another chop that made me supa hungry.
... and the wood.... That makes it, what, quadrofecta. Oh, boy, you are on a roll.. Congrats again.
Thanks, everyone. Now, now, Newsy...don't tell me you were that way in college. Thanks.

Columbus PizzaFunny Columbus Pizza
Member reactions:
This is the crazies job ever offered to Columbus to survive in US
Great job bringing Chris to life, conggrats on the gold
Great job, Paul. Congrats. Columbus was Italian and he had to be good chef.

Chicken PizzaFunny Chicken Pizza
Member reactions:

Eating Pizza and giving eggs in exchange very funny
Fine chop, truly funny and congrats on the cup
Silver congrats, Mr. Black. Welcome back.

This pizza to table nr. 4 please !Funny This pizza to table nr. 4 please !
Member reactions:

Good one...but I'd try tilting Biden's head the other way and see how it looks.
Its a Mad Mad Word.... for a single Pizza very funny to see the great leaders fight for Pizza well done

Albrecht's Pizza ParlourFunny Albrecht's Pizza Parlour
Member reactions:

Nice merge of Durer's work in Pizza Making kitchen Looks classical painting the Modern turned ancient

Domino's Pizza DeliveryFunny Domino's Pizza Delivery
Member reactions:

When it's GOT to be there in 30 minutes or less. (Of course, they can't guarantee what kind of shape it'll be in when it gets there.)
Freaking brilliant thats the secret of there 'in the nick of time' service

Member reactions:

Clean sweep for Awesome. Congrats bro. All fantastic entries.

Pizza wrestlingFunny Pizza wrestling
Member reactions:

Pizza Shop Owner Who Picked Up the President Says Hes Facing a Boycott
Great Lift.... President now needs this type of lifts from the Public good chop well executed to the news link

Pizza and BeerFunny Pizza and Beer
Member reactions:

Nice multiple reflection of the Old Man good job with the sources

PizzaFunny Pizza - Every Papa John's pizza restaurant in Northeast Ohio sold one-topping pizzas for 23 cents on Thursday to atone for insulting Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James (No. 23). Last week during Game 6 of Cavaliers-Wizards in Washington, Papa John's franchise insulted LeBron James and angered Ohio state by handing out the t-shirts bearing the number 23, the name "Crybaby", and Papa John's logo. The 23 cent pizza special on Thursday resulted in long lines of people waiting up to 3 hours to get their 23 cent pizzas. Most customers said they were standing in line not to get a good pizza deal, but to teach Papa John's franchise a lesson. Photoshop pizza any way you wish. Some examples are: show what life would be like if pizzas ruled the world, photoshop pizzas being used in alternative ways, pizza made with unusual ingredients, pizza in movies and paintings, etc,

PizzaFunny Pizza - Photoshop this pizza image any way you wish. Examples may include merging this pizza with some objects or animals; placing this pizza into some environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Michal Zacharzewski of Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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