Pizza Gate
Pizza Gate
Pizza Gate. Just based on the whole Pizza Gate "scandal"

Funny Pizza Atoll

Pizza Atoll

Funny Who Wants Pizza

Who Wants Pizza
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Member reactions:
With all those goodies, how could you help but draw a crowd.

Funny Barack Obama's Pizza Party

Barack Obama's Pizza Party
Member reactions:
Why in b/w . And logos on background pic .
Its a creepy pizza party... Only Rats love it Where is the Raven here It must be on the guest list good one like the creepy situation and the scary pic behind him good one
His expression on face fits in with the picture. He doesn't seem to mind his animal guests.
I cannot describe how gross that pie is hahahahahaahahah Nice one.

Funny Peyton Manning Says Pot Is Good For Pizza Business

Peyton Manning Says Pot  Is Good For Pizza Business
Peyton Manning says legalization of pot is good for his pizza franchises Peyton Manning, star quarterback of the Denver Broncos owns 25 "Papa John's" pizza franchises in Colorado. He says legalization of marijuana there has been very good for his business.
Member reactions:
Sure it's good for the business - pizza after a joint is a classic college scenario.
He launched a new pizza called Ganja Pizza wic contains......
Not quite but top 5. This is some funny stuff
Thanks, Newsy, balodiya, eric and luciano.
Nice work Pot has been good for a lot of the economy in the state, and hopefully soon the rest will follow

Funny Bill Clinton at the Torre De Pizza in Italy

Bill Clinton at the Torre De Pizza in Italy
Member reactions:
Great caricature and colors,Elegry. Gold Congratulations..

Funny Flipping The Biggest Pizza In New York

Flipping The Biggest Pizza In New York
Member reactions:
Brilliant work, very well action of Pizza and wall clock is also cool
Ha, ha, ha. If she's short of sight, she could exchange pizza with her hat.....
Your certainly know how to work an image and add all those little extras.

Funny Green Pizza

Green Pizza
Member reactions:
, looks like somebody added polonium to that pizza.

Funny An Honest Pepperoni Pizza

An Honest Pepperoni Pizza
Sorry but pepperonis are a lot extra.
Member reactions:
I thought this would win. It is so basic, perfect . Oh well not the first or last time I called it wrong.

Funny Jack Black Delivering Pizza to Willie Nelson

Jack Black Delivering Pizza to Willie Nelson
Pizza delivery guy admits to going into customers' homes and smoking pot with them.
Member reactions:
What's this. Do you mean to tell me that a pizza delivery boy may be smoking pot. damn, what's this world coming to. Next thing ya know Grandma will be getting a Rx for it too.
Now Newsy delivering Pizzas instead of top pic stars for the chops good one
Pizza and pot smoking... ahh good ole college days. Another chop that made me supa hungry.
... and the wood.... That makes it, what, quadrofecta. Oh, boy, you are on a roll.. Congrats again.
Thanks, everyone. Now, now, Newsy...don't tell me you were that way in college. Thanks.

Funny Pizza

Every Papa John's pizza restaurant in Northeast Ohio sold one-topping pizzas for 23 cents on Thursday to atone for insulting Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James (No. 23). Last week during Game 6 of Cavaliers-Wizards in Washington, Papa John's franchise insulted LeBron James and angered Ohio state by handing out the t-shirts bearing the number 23, the name "Crybaby", and Papa John's logo. The 23 cent pizza special on Thursday resulted in long lines of people waiting up to 3 hours to get their 23 cent pizzas. Most customers said they were standing in line not to get a good pizza deal, but to teach Papa John's franchise a lesson. Photoshop pizza any way you wish. Some examples are: show what life would be like if pizzas ruled the world, photoshop pizzas being used in alternative ways, pizza made with unusual ingredients, pizza in movies and paintings, etc,

Funny Pizza

Photoshop this pizza image any way you wish. Examples may include merging this pizza with some objects or animals; placing this pizza into some environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Michal Zacharzewski of Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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