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Funny Pittsburgh Pictures

Pittsburgh Pirates PitcherFunny Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher
Member reactions:

Like the idea of putting a Pirate Hat and Covering the Eye
Boom... and he got to go for Home Run
Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, eric. Thanks, Newsy.
Congrats on the Silver. Looks like a curve ball (ha).
Congratulations winning the Silver, Paul.
Thanks,'s a Knuckler. Thanks, Andrew. Thanks, Unclechamp. Thanks, G-Man.

Penguin Pittsburgh FansFunny Penguin Pittsburgh Fans
Member reactions:

They just want their team to win a Stanley Cup.

Pittsburgh PiratesFunny Pittsburgh Pirates
Member reactions:

maybe if you try to look embose or curving the logo from the casket it will looks good. (on my opinion only).

Pittsburgh PiratesFunny Pittsburgh Pirates
Member reactions:

Argh matey, to Davey Jones locker with yah.

Pittsburgh SteelersFunny Pittsburgh Steelers
Member reactions:

Luckily, I think these guys are retired or on other teams.
The guy numbered 69 is taking the picture
that looks more like San Fransico if you know what I mean.

Pittsburgh Phil Sees His ShadowFunny Pittsburgh Phil Sees His Shadow
Member reactions:

"See how YOU liked being blamed instead of me...all those years..."

Pittsburgh St. PatrickFunny Pittsburgh St. Patrick
Member reactions:

A little drop shadow on the text to match the symbol would make this blend a lot better. The idea and chop is great though, Love the shamrocks.
Great idea. I agree with midian, the text needs just a bit of shadow to match the symbols. That would have tied everything together.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Seattle SeahawksFunny Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Seattle Seahawks - Here comes the February FN PowerBall contest with the hot high jackpots for the first three places. Your job is to make and show your predictions whether Steelers or Seahawks will win Super Bowl; any special / forbidden tricks each team may use to win the game, or anything that may or may not happen during the game. Support your team!

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